7 Sep 2009

Birthday Card #2

Another of my favourite greeting cards - this one shows the tartan and crest of the Grant Clan. My dear father and I spent a wonderful day at the Clan Grant Gathering at Grantown on Spey in the Highlands of Bonny Scotland back in about 1994. Everybody - Dad included looked weel-faured an braw in their kilts (you can all speak Scots, can't you?) and the day is one of my most treasured memories. I bought this card at the souvenir stand. Sadly the colours haven't reproduced very well - the tartain is really red and green with an aquaish stripe.

If you could peek inside the card you'd find a message from Ruby:
A very happy birthday and congratulations to you and your blog, dear Jeanne! I had only been blogging a few months when I discovered the Aussie Homeschool Bloggers and yours was the first one I really took an interest in. I have been enjoying your posts and the comments which ensue ever since.
Ruby, your blog is one of my never misses also! Ruby was kind enough to post about A Peaceful Day's birthday on her own blog, Mumma's Place. This is what she said:
Thank you Jeanne for all the great posts and articles which you have shared with us over the last year. As one who has never travelled I can experience some of the world's great destinations vicariously through your wonderful travel adventures.

I love all the home schooling information and especially Aussie books and poems which are a great love of mine also. I especially appreciate the blog world friendship of a fellow traveller on this pilgrimage to the Celestial City.

God bless you and your family, Jeanne and may A Peaceful Day continue long to the edification many.
Thank you again Ruby - I'm glad I had a travel anecdote to share as the intro to your kind words! If you don't know Ruby's blog, do hop over and say hi.

So that's another A Peaceful Day birthday card. You can read #1 here.

Have you told us why you visit A Peaceful Day? I'd seriously love it if you would. I'll give you a peek at some other messages as birthday cards throughout the month. Hurrah!

You still have time to enter The Great Aussie Living Book Give Away #1 too to win a copy of Wy-lah the Cockatoo by Leslie Rees. The draw is Tuesday evening (AEST). The Great Aussie Living Book Give Away #2 starts soon!


  1. Such sweet sentiments. I'll be sure to stop by Mumma's Place.

    A shame the colours don't show well on your lovely tartan. BTW, I am from Clan Henderson.

  2. You are very welcome, Jeanne!
    I googled clan Grant and got a fairly good look at that tartan, although there were other options. It is similar to a tin I have - can't remember whether it was shortbread or caramels that came in it. Very nice.


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