2 Sep 2009

Birthday Card #1

Do you like sticky beaking inside people's greeting cards? I do!

I'm going to share some of the birthday cards A Peaceful Day has received over the next few weeks, starting with this one from Sue. Sue wrote:

Oh, Happy Bloggy Birthday! I love your blog, because... well so many reasons. We have that Japanese connection, of course, and I love learning about things Aussie and Charlotte Mason-y. Besides all that, you are just a great bloggy friend!
Thanks, Sue, the feeling's mutual!

Sue was also incredibly kind and blogged about A Peaceful Day on her own blog here. This is what she said:
Please head over to Jeanne's blog for her Great Aussie Living Books Giveaway. She is always introducing wonderful Australian living books and classic literature, wonderful Charlotte Mason homeschooling ideas, and we share an enthusiasm for things Japanese. I think I learn something new from her blog nearly everyday. It's hard to believe she's only been at it for a year! She says that she will be celebrating her bloggy birthday for the whole month, so I'm sure there are more goodies to come. Don't miss it!
If you follow the link to Sue's blog, you'll find she's having an anniversary of her own...

So that's A Peaceful Day's first birthday card. You can send us one too if you like. I'd love to hear why you keep coming back - yes, I love having my ego stroked.

The card is real one too - this way I get to share some of my card collection with you at the same time! It is the detail of a wall hanging by Carol Cassidy. I bought the card in Laos during a visit to Carol's gallery back in 1995. It is one of my favourites.

You can still enter The Great Aussie Living Book Give Away #1. I'd love it if you would.


  1. I have a post at my place too Jeanne ♥

  2. It took me quite some time to figure out just what "sticky beaking" is. :)
    Happy Birthday!
    I keep coming back to your blog because it is beautiful, peaceful, and inspiring all at once. I get a lot of ideas and encouragement from your homeschooling posts, and I enjoy reading about what you and Jemimah are up to!

  3. Oh, and I truly believe you are the friendliest blogger I have ever come across!


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