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Today is Indigenous Literacy Day

Posted by Jeanne

Today all Australians are invited to participate in the third Indigenous Literacy Day. If you do, you'll be helping to raise urgently needed funds to address the literacy crisis in remote Australian indigenous communities.

You can learn how you can do that at the website.

While you're there, print a copy of the wonderful indigenous booklist like I did. I'm going to take mine to the library with me - some of these books definitely look like they'd be worth a look for Jemimah!! I can't link to the list directly, but you'll find it here.


Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing, this is really great! Just found some fabulous books for both my children...and saved the list, except there is no library here...:-(

Jeanne said...

No we don't either. We have a library van though, once a week and I can place interlibrary loans through the van. Can you use the school library now your kids are enrolled?

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