3 Sep 2009

Today I am afraid of fairies.

We read a lot of fairy stories in our home. Jemimah is a real girl, and we love fairies. So why the title of this post?

I'll tell you in a minnie. But first, watch this:

A new website launched last week. It is called the Fairy Godmother Academy and it includes games, online & offline activities, music and protected social networking. It's launch is timed to coincide with a new series of books with the same title by author Jan Bozarth . Its target audience is girls of Jemimah's age up to young teens.

My daughter would love this website if she ever sees it. She'd love the books too - if she ever gets hold of them - which I hope she doesn't - because I don't like them at all. Read the website blurb to see what I mean:

Before there were finishing schools, therapists, or how-to books there were fairy godmothers. Theirs was a legacy of magical Wisdoms, an academy of powerful women with the gifts of Singing Stones, Spirikins, Kalis Sticks, and Magic Hand Mirrors. These powers were handed down through generations to daughters, sisters, nieces and grand daughters.

The Fairy Godmother Academy is a book series and trans-media brand that introduces preteen girls to their inner Wisdoms by connecting them to a school of the heart in a dream world called Aventurine.
Um yeah. So what is this inner Wisdom that they want to introduce my daughter to?
The Fairy Godmother Academy believes every girl is brave, magical, creative and rare; that every girl already possesses deep within her a special power called Wisdom, that dreams connect girls to this inner Wisdom; that by listening to her inner voice, each girl will follow her unique path; and that every girl can be the best version of herself, and together, girls can make the world a better place.

Frankly speaking - and I am wont to be frank, you must admit - I find this website creepy. Scary even.

I do not like these books.

(Click here to read Chapter 4 of Birdie's Book.)

Which brings me to Harry Potter. The Harry Potter books have been constantly in the banned list at American libraries since their release due mostly to the efforts of Christian parents. I haven't read the books. I did see the first movie when it was released, a long time ago. I thought the movie was okay. It didn't scare me and it didn't creep me out. Maybe that's why well meaning Christian parents are afraid of the books - the evil is insidious - gradual and accumulating; harmful but enticing. I didn't see it it the first movie, but the concern of these parents has stopped me reading the books and really has me undecided about whether I will allow Jemimah to read them.

Not so The Fairy Godmother Academy. I know I don't like these books. At all. They are New Age religion wrapped in fairies and mermaids and pink fluffiness. That's why they're dangerous, and that's why I am writing this.

They scare me. A lot.

I'm afraid of these fairies.

Are you?


  1. I probably have too much to say for a comment. I'm glad you are on guard.

    I had never heard of this author before and this is all I could find:

    "Since 1996 she has written, produced or designed award-winning software and music for titles such as Clueless®, Barbie's® Gotta Groove and Nail Designer, Diva Starz®, Let's Talk About Me."

  2. This is certainly the sly serpent enticing children away from the truth of the Most high God and who's image they are created in. It's the truth that we are in a spiritual battle and we are not fighting flesh and blood but the god of this world, it is so important to be in tune with the Holy Spirit and to be led by Him! No, I am not afraid, but certainly aware of the enemy's devices and I am armed with my God's armour! We actually do not have any books to do with fairies or magic! Harry Potter is witchcraft and I will not allow my children to read the books, actually Joshua knows a lot about it and knows it is witchcraft, which I think it is important for them to understand the battle they are up for! I guess you can read that I am passionate about this! xxx

  3. I must say now who's becoming controversial Jeanne? Hehehe

    I am not 'scared' of fairies, nor Harry Potter books - and from what I know God expects from me as His follower, is to stay away from such things as they are not of God.

    1 Thessalonians 5:22 - 'Stay away from every kind of evil.'

    I believe it is good to 'know' about such wordly things so we are aware, but I would never allow my children to read them and I agree with Sarah as to my reasons also.

    These types of things are brought into our lives, cleverly disguised, which seem innocent, but they have alot of wrong meaning behind them.

    Job 11:14-15 - 'If you put away the sin that is in your hand and allow no evil to dwell in your tent, then you will lift up your face without shame; you will stand firm and without fear.'

  4. I do think this kind of book/website, and the big media sell, is scary. I'm not scared of it personally, or for my kids, because they we won't be reading them (or Harry Potter for that matter).

    But, what about the many other young girls who will stumble upon them? Inner Wisdom, indeed. Yuck! As Sarah said, "sly serpent" for sure! I believe that the fact that the advertisement you posted produced such a reaction in you and your readers is evidence of the Spirit at work. Thanks be to God that He faithfully guides those who seek to do His will! Climbing down off my soapbox...

  5. Thanks for the warning Jeanne. I'm not comfortable with Harry Potter either, but have never read them. Some people try to compare them with Lord of the Rings, but I don't think you can. LOTR is clearly a story about good versus evil...etc.
    These fairies sound totally humanistic - it creeps in to our lives in so many ways, it is so subtle, we do need to be on guard!!

  6. It's amazing how something as innocent as fairies can lead one down the wrong path - I myself had to face this recently when we "innocently" bought a fairy set from Aldi which contained some cute fairy stamps and a fairy book which contained information on how to wish for things and what to say (a lot of it very new age-y). This led to a d and m with my 5 yr old! Needless to say it's caused me to become more discerning from now on with fairy stuff!
    Also, interestingly enough, there's been a discussion on the aussie homeschool forums about Harry Potter recently which I have been reading both for and against.
    I don't think we would read them here.

  7. Hi Jeanne,
    This sounds positively scary stuff, and not something that I would want my daughter seeing, or reading for that matter.

  8. I have found the comments on this thread fascinating!! Hope you have too!

  9. I wish you would add more to your comment, Richele...

  10. Reading your post gave me the same feeling of revulsion as when I first heard about Spiral Scouts.

    It is such a great encouragement to know I am standing shoulder to shoulder with the rest of your friends as we parent our children by the Spirit of the Lord.

    I think I will post the verses Jen wrote in her comment on our walls.

    It does strike a chord, Jeanne, and I could go on and on. Working with an independent publisher I have made the very unpopular choice to not carry all of their titles. We do have to stand against hell's rusty gates though and I don't want Satan to have one more.

    BTW, what is "d and m?"

  11. Oh my goodness, Richele, Spiral Scouts indeed!! At least now I know that there are Reformed Druids!! I have never heard of this group before.

    The verse from Job that Jen quoted is very good, isn't it?

    D and M?

    Deep and Meaningful conversation.


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