17 Sep 2009

Birthday Card #3

J'adore cette carte d'anniversaire! I bought this one on a recent trip to Brittany and it shows a gorgeous picnic scene of people in traditional Breton costume. The ladies are wearing tall Breton lace coiffes and aprons, while the men are smartly attired in trousers and dark jackets complete with embroidered waistcoat and felt hat with ribbons. When I first went to Brittany in 1985 you could still see old ladies dressing like this. Nowadays the traditional costume is seen only at festivals and pardons. Sad, really.

If you take a peek inside this birthday card you'll find it is from Richele. Would you like to see what she had to say about A Peaceful Day? Would you?
Many happy returns of the day! Yours is the first blog I ever followed. Witty and sincere, plus an amazing group of friends that leave the most interesting comments.

It is very special to me as well since your beautiful blog has resulted in the sweetest - somewhat silly yet serious -- friendship (as well as a friendship for Maxim).

A very happy month to you.
Richele also posted about A Peaceful Day's birthday on her own blog, Barefoot Voyage. Not only did she give a gift and a cake with her card, she also said this:
Here's to A Peaceful Day, a twaddle-free blog, and to Jeanne, an incredibly talented writer and true friend.
You can see our cake and our present here.

These birthday card posts are incredibly self indulgent - and none more so than this one. To Richele, you are indeed a true friend. Thank you again.

More birthday cards coming soon. Hope you're enjoying them and don't think I'm too egotistical.

I'm not - truly.


  1. hehee. no not egotistical - just happy celebrating!

  2. No, Jeanne, your birthday party is really fun - a great break from school and I get a bit of a thrill whenever a friend wins one of your generous goodies!

    fb was frustrating this morning - I hope my notes came through.

    If you see someone on your stat counter coming through from Iowa, that's my sis!


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