17 Sep 2009

What an opportunity!

Are you an op shopper? (I think you call them thrift stores in America - it is short for opportunity shop.)

I am.

Look what I found in our local yesterday - who's a lucky girl then?

This lovely little Chinaman is a lemon squeezer. I bought him for 20c. He would once have sat on top of his own ceramic jug. I'll need to find one, but in the meantime he is functional on this little white butter dish. Imagine him on the breakfast table for use squeezing lemon juice on Daddy's homemade pancakes or for adding lime juice to Vietnamese phở or on to a Thai beef salad. I love kitch ceramics.

Do you remember my skiting about my discovery of Vojtěch Kubašta's Hansel and Gretel in Ballarat recently? Well look what I found yesterday - for 50c? Yep - his Cinderella!! I am so excited! Take a look at some of the pages of this gem:

Happy sigh. I love these books.


Imagine that.

Have you found anything exciting recently?

Do share.


  1. That book is fabulous. Can't beat a great, cheap find. But, lemon juice on pancakes?! That's a first for me!

  2. Oh Sue, pancakes with sugar and lemon juice are the best - truly.

  3. Hi Jeanne,
    What a great find! To see what my husband found, please go to the link below.

    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Love op shops too, not so into nick nacks but almost everything else is good value. You have the knowledge and eye to pick up bargains in those special little pieces.

    Jeanne, do you have an email address attached to your blog? If not and you are happy for me to email you can you send it to my email. Thanks.

  5. Hmmm, Jillian - I think my finds pale into insignificance rather, after your hubby's!!


  6. Great finds! I've never seen a juicer like that before. He's cool! I'm on a thrifting diet at the moment. I'm trying to declutter and thrifting is NOT conducive to decluttering! But I feel the pull coming on.....


  7. He is adorable! We have lemon juice and sugar on crepes but I think your pancakes are fluffy like ours, right?

    I recently found an old wooden recipe card box (like my great grandmother's) to keep our Bible verses in for $1.39 I was actually "on the hunt" for that and was about to give up. We are trying to fast from op shops as well, just in case that yurt goes up.

    I could not have kept myself from Kubasta's book though.

  8. Can't beat any of those finds. But pancakes with honey and lemon are my favorite. Actually they are our Saturday morning treat - along with fresh juice.

  9. I used to have a popup Cinderella when I was a little girl! The colours are stronger than the one I remember - it was more muted but oh I loved that book and would lose myself in it's pictures and text.


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