17 Sep 2009

City of Lights

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In two weeks today we'll be on an aeroplane bound for Perth, home of the sandgropers.

I'm really excited. Not only will we be catching up with our dear friend Warrick and witnessing his marriage to the beautiful Fiona; we'll be taking my parents along with us. My Mum and Dad have both been in poor health in the past year - Dad recently - and so we will really treasure the opportunity to spend extended time with them while we're away.

None of us have ever been to Perth - one of the most geographically isolated cities in the world. Its location on the Western seaboard places it closer to East Timor, Singapore and Jakarta than to fellow Aussies in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. It is for this reason, I suppose that I know almost nothing about it either - except that Tim Winton's Cloudstreet was based there. (I've already reserved a copy from the mobile library for the trip. Note to self: must show you some photos of our 'library' later. )

I've been reading some guidebooks, but what I'm after is some insider knowledge. What are the must sees for an Victorian homeschooling family with the olds in tow on a five day trip to Perth followed by five days in Margaret River? Where should we eat? Where should we go? Is there anything happening about now that I should know about? Are the whales still around? Are there any good theatre productions?

Have you been to Perth? Better still, do you live there?

Do tell.


  1. You know I can't help you out but am looking forward to reading the advice you receive.

    All happiness for you on this very special trip!

  2. A definite is Kings Park - right up there over looking the city. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous~!! They have eating places up there too.

    The zoo is also another good place to spend the day. You will need walking shoes.

    Sun Hing in Armadale is an awesome chinese style dinner restaurant. The restaurant itself looks a bit old and dingy - but I swear it's like the BEST that we've been to over the years and we often still frequent it as we pass on our trips to Perth. We went last Saturday and we'll be going again next week.

    We still don't have our unconditional / settlement date - so I'll probably still be here in the house when you arrive. LOL. That's closer to Margarate River.

    I spose this isn't really the best time to confess that I RARELY leave the house, so I couldn't tell you where any cool stuff is. Sad, hay? LOL. By the time hubby works and I get all my mummy stuff done, we hardly go out.

    If I can think of anything else - I'll come back. :)

  3. I've never been there but I look forward to hearing about your trip. Very special your folks will be coming with you. Great memories for your daughter to be with her grandparents on trips. We often took trips with my maternal grandparents and those were very special times I remember!

  4. I'm looking forward to the Perth posts too! You have joined my list of friends and relies who transport me to far flung places around Australia and the world.
    I actually know a few folk who either live or have lived in Perth and unanimously love it.
    Have a great time.

  5. Sounds like it will be quite a trip. That's interesting about the isolation. Kind of like Nome, Alaska or Maui I guess!

  6. Oh there is a chocolate factory thing down in Margarate River. :)

  7. It's awhile since I've been in WA and we didn't stay long in Perth so can't help you there. Margaret River is the place for surfing if you're into that which certain members of my family certainly are. We loved Denmark and Albany if you can go a bit further south. Cape Leeuwin is worth a look esp. since from there (Aust. most sw point), there is only Ocean all the way to Africa. One of my favorite spots in WA was the Tinglewood Forests in the valley of the Giants - huge trees that were hollow enough to drive through but still growing at the top and a climb up the Glouster Tree if you can handle scary heights. Spring is also supposed to be the time of amazing wildflower displays but I'm not sure where the best place from Perth or Margaret River to those would be. My hubby is talking about another trip around Aussie and talking about this makes me want to go to. Have fun!


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