25 Sep 2009

I'm excited about...

  1. Our trip to Perth in six more sleeps.
  2. Our weekend visitors.
  3. Finding The Flyaway Highway by Norman Lindsay for less than 10 bucks.
  4. The sound of rain falling right now on our tin roof.
  5. Our Church revamp.
  6. A Peaceful Day's 1st birthday!
  7. Great Aussie children's literature.
  8. My spring garden.
  9. Teaching my daughter.

Jemimah's excited about:

  1. Our holiday in Perth.
  2. Watching Geelong in the Grand Final.
  3. Playing with Eowyn and Leilani in the sandpit.
  4. Listening to stories in school.
  5. My new body art pens.
  6. Painting my nails.
  7. Getting lollies from the shop.
  8. Doing some craft.
  9. Having crumbed chicken for dinner.

What are you excited about?

P.S. Feeling better now!


  1. 1. skipping town for the weekend
    2. crumbed chicken sounds great for dinner (is that tonight?)
    3. rain for our garden while we are gone
    4. felt
    5. tulips
    6. i saw the bottom of our washing basket yesterday, it does exist but for only a few moments...
    7. we also saw the kitchen bench for a brief time yesterday ...

    that's all for now :)

  2. 1.having hubby home for the weekend!

    2.revamping our playroom/craftroom

    3.the rain that's watering our new lawn

    4.our AFL Grandfinal party


    6. planning a trip with my eldest daughter

    7. going op shopping tomorrow

    8. talking on skype with my nephew in the States

    9. the iphone i just bought my hubby....trouble is it's so cool i want one now!

    Lots more! Thanks Jeanne - i do feel better!! x

  3. That's more like it!
    1. Making a pretty cool horse head cake for my eldest's birthday (photos on fb tomorrow)
    2. Eating RJs natural licorice
    3. Getting a new DVD player for $59 to replace the old one that doesn't work, just in time to watch a movie for B's birthday
    4. Planning for next term - Exploring Creation with Biology & Discovering Great Artists
    5. Reading "Emily's Garden"
    6. Homemade pizza for dinner with artisan olive oil bread dough
    7. Going to my sister's engagement party next wkd, unfortunately missing my brother's party this wkd.
    8. wondering why Jeanne made it 9 things...
    9. Thomas drinking from a bottle - well a little bit anyway (he's 14 mths)
    That's all I can squeeze out right now!

  4. Exploring Creation with Botany, not Biology!

  5. I must check my posts before I submit them! The squeezing out refers to the 9 things, not the bottle :-/

  6. I made it 9 thing because that's what the video did. I wondered why as well!

  7. 1. I am excited that I am about to become a Nanna.
    2. Moving
    3. Preschooling
    4. Having hubby around a lot more
    5. Hanging out with my sister more
    6. Life and Living
    7. The freedom to only do 7 things..... LOL :)

  8. 1.Knowing Jesus - He's awesome!
    2.Having a wonderful family.
    3.Good friends including blogger friends like you:)
    4.Spring - my second most favourite time of year.
    5.The arrival of Singapore maths kingdergarten workbooks that should be here on Monday.
    6.Home educating my daughter
    7.Talking to my mum in India yesterday after a few weeks (slacker me!)
    8.Big rotary garage sale on tomorrow which my friend promises is just the best for picking up great bargains - I wonder how many living books I'll find there???
    9.It's Friday today which means I get to spend the weekend with my dear hubby and daugther and go to church etc.

  9. 1. Jeanne is Queen (welcome back!)
    2. Back to health myself.
    3. Time with the little grnadies!
    4. Mrs Adept's grandchild (happy for yu! hope all goes well!)
    5. Family birthday tomorrow morning.
    6. Church outing tomorrow afternoon. (Okay we don't do AFL here much:-(
    7. My creative friend who tells her family it's creativity OR a tidy house - she can't do both!
    8.Another week of school holidays!
    9. Tea is already cooked.

    Nine is a lot to rattle my brain. I could have done a post in that time. Have a great weekend, Jeanne (and family and Jeanamarie and family). Hope your team gets up!!!

  10. I am simply in meltdown. Singapore, Singapore, Singapore! By the time we get there I shall be a cot case.

  11. 1.going to the apple orchard today
    2.shortbread at breakfast
    3.snuggles from my guys
    4.fall/holiday frontlist hitting the warehouse
    5.Jeanne going to Star Anise for her birthday
    6.Camping in a cabin and quartz mining for Luca's birthday
    7.a lone sunflower standing in our field
    8.anticipating a phone call from my sister
    9.the weekend!

    That was fun and beneficial. I loved reading all of yours!

  12. HI Jeanne,
    I'm looking forward to seeing my friend on her way home from Tumby Bay.


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