24 Sep 2009

The minutiae of my life - who cares?

I dare say that most of you don't really care what I had for dinner last night (Thai Chicken Saté with Pumpkin and Kaffir-Lime Leaf actually, served with jasmine rice and followed by a cuppa and a square of Lindt Swiss Classic Milk Chocolate). Or that yesterday was the type of day that required both a long energy hug from my understanding husband and that the aforesaid dinner be preceded by an expertly mixed gin and bitter lemon. (Why are days like that always so much longer than 24 hours, she wonders idly, while the usual happy day is so much shorter? Could I use this as evidence for the Theory of Relativity?) I suppose most of you aren't interested in why I was in a bad mood in the first place either. No, it wasn't Jemimah's fault - more the general ineptitude of mankind in general really - but I'm sure I managed to take a bit of it out on her - what are children for, if not to persecute, I ask you.

I guess you don't really want to know that I'm spending the weekend with unbecominglily and her hubby and beautiful girls nor that we'll be celebrating the AFL Grand Final on Sunday (GO CATS!) and worshiping together at our local church on Sunday. When I mentioned to my mum and sister that they were coming, mum said, "Oh, that'll be nice...you know she's very creative, don't you?" as if creativity were a kind of illness. Why did she say that, do you reckon? I wonder if the concern was that Jeanamarie couldn't possibly enjoy a weekend chez nous - or something more sinister. Yes, mum, I do know she's creative - and Jeanamarie knows that I'm not - she's my friend, remember?!

I suppose none of you care to read how inordinately pleased I was to discover that The Book Chook is following A Peaceful Day. I mean, Susan's an überblogger. Why would she want to read about a family living in the boondocks, eh? Why would any of you?

I know that I'm long overdue for another homeschooling post. I'm aware that that's why most of you read A Peaceful Day, and yet some fortnights I don't even manage to write a post to submit to the Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Carnival.

Why is this so, I wonder.

That's what I'm sitting here doing right now - wondering.

We call moods like this blue funks, here in our peaceful home.

I'll be back when I'm over it.



  1. Very interesting post Jeanne! When is your birthday?

    Love ya xxx

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Maybe you just need some *culture vulturing*? ;P

  3. So, you are just like the rest of us?!

    When someone says, "Oh, she's creative you know" it can mean
    "Wow, she is so bright and with it!" or "Hmmm, she's arty but scatty, not a lick of common sense." or "Ugh, who else would wear such an outfit!"
    Hope you have as much fun with your crative friend as I do with mine. They are so much more adventurous and interesting!

  4. BTW to answer the post title, WE CARE!!! Thinking of you Jeanne.

  5. Chin up, sweetie! We all go through it. I kow exactly what you are talking about!

  6. you do "tongue firmly in cheek" so well Jeanne. and who says you aren't creative?

    it is an illness. compulsive creative disorder. emphasis on the disorder. you've seen my house ...

    looking forward to seeing you my creative writer of a friend.

  7. I know I'm late: big hugs.

    Being creative is an illness - says me who has felt it's addictiveness, it's force, it's drive.

    Before I opened my blog up to what was really happening in my real world - family and homeschooling I was inflicting myself with making a card a day, amongst my usual daily routines. Originally my blog was just me posting a card a day. Pretty scary. Dunno if you have ever noticed my Magnolia creations - they are on the side. Those particular cards take anywhere from 2 - 3 hours each to make. See, creativity is an illness. LOL. Don't envy us. Don't envy us.

  8. Oh Jeanne! We are all creative in different ways - you are definitely creative with your writing!!
    I used to think I was the most uncreative person in the world until I discovered the true meaning of the word - now I know I'm creative atleast in my cooking (or atleast my dh thinks so):)

  9. I disagree about you not being creative. Didn't our Creator do it all by just uttering the words. Words are creative!!!!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. And you make dinner like that on days you're feeling bad........sounds pretty creative to me not to mention scrumptious.

    Have a good weekend.


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