22 Sep 2009

Royal Melbourne Show

We went to the show on Saturday. It's a much anticipated annual event in our family, and we always do almost exactly the same thing. For us that means rides, showbags, the decorated cakes and the Grand Pavillion to sample the food. We do nothing educational. We see no animals - they're for the city folk, right? You know, the ones who don't know where milk comes from...except the supermarket.

We've got it all organised in the rides department. I love the whizzy ones - I lack the dizziness gene, I reckon, and can go as fast as you like for as long as you like without a problem.

I hate roller coasters though. I hate that feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach. Bleugh.

Hubby loves that sort. The higher the hills and steeper the drops the better as far as he is concerned. Just don't take him on anything that twirls. He gets dizzy just watching me on the 'eggs' at the playground.

That pretty well gives Jemimah the choice of anything really. She's a real dare devil.

We all tried the the new high-flying Sky Flyer this year. The spinning chairs of the chair-o-plane take you up to 35 metres above the ground while you fly through the air at an impressive speed. It was pretty cool actually.

We have a limit of two showbags. Jemimah goes for the chocolate ones. She's still eating rubbish. Must be a dentist's dream...

We always have lunch at the Hari Krishna Food tent. Odd religion; delicious food. Much better than most of the pretty average stuff you generally get at places like the show. We had the vegan curry, vegetable croquets, rice and dessert stuff, the name of which escapes me at present. Karma-free too, apparently, whatever that means. Wonder if it is fattening, that karma stuff.

We'll be going back next year, no doubt, but for this year it's all just a fond memory - and a bundle of photos - which I'm going to show you now - if you're interested.


  1. Oh that ride up top looks super scary. I don't think that I could go on it. Heights are definitely not my thing. Looks like a great day. Lunch was Karma free, hey? Does that mean it doesn't end up on ones hips? LOL. Loved the face paint. They can do amazing jobs on them these days. Jemimah is beautiful. Is that you in the last photo?

  2. Great pics - looks like you all had lots of fun! I love the pics you achieved while on the ride! Well done - catches the moment perfectly.

  3. Looks like she had a blast!
    Just wondering... what are showbags?

  4. Wow! Looks like you guys had a blast! I definitely didn't have the dizziness gene (well not until childbirth). Seems to have entered my body since then for some reason, so no dizzy rides for me anymore:(

    That food looks delish! I never get tired of eating good ole Indian food!

    Karma free - does that mean you get to escape reincarnation? :)

  5. That is super cool! I haven't been to the show since I was about 16! Maybe next year! x

  6. Ooh not for me, those rides, I'm no risk-taker :-) Glad to see that beautiful picture of you at the end, Jeanne!
    Boy, I think I'm becomming an "A Peaceful Day" addict!

  7. Rachael, that is such a nice thing to say!! Thank you!

  8. What great family fun. I love rides, but I am the only one that does so far in my family. I am hoping at least one of the twins will.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours looks very interesting, I will be back! :)

  10. oh you bring back fond memories. My parents use to take us to the Adelaide show and we were limited to 2 showbags too. We also had a limit of 2 rides but there were 4 children so my parents dished out for 8 rides at least.

    Your lunch looks delicious. If karma free means that you won't get any calories from it, I am all for eating it.

  11. that looks so much fun! I Jemimah looks just like you, Jeanne.
    I would love to see a photo of you at Jemimah's age : )

  12. Yes, so glad you put one in of yourself, those are fun to see. It looked like your husband was taking one of you in that second picture.

    My favorite is Jemimah with wispy hair which looks as if it could be part of the cotton candy she is eating.

    Glad you were off having a wonderful time with your family. Life is grand!

  13. What a fun day! What are "showbags"?
    Lisa @ Hopewell
    [for some reason I can't log in...]

  14. Can I send my boys to the Show with you?
    They have an unbelievably fuddy- duddy mummy when it comes to whizzy around rides! I have to get the big girls to take them.
    I used to quite daring - but that was some years ago! Can't win 'em all!!


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