28 Sep 2009

A special visitor

We had a very important visitor in our Peaceful Home last night. She came late when we were all sound asleep - creeping, creeping through the house to Jemimah's bedroom. We didn't hear her come, but we knew that she had been - a trail of sparkly pink fairy dust lead the way from the chimney in the front room into the bedroom and onto the bedside table. In the pretty glass by the bed was $2.00.

Yes - our late night visitor was the tooth fairy!!

She left a sparkly note too, rolled and tied with a pink ribbon. The note thanked Jemimah for her great tooth and commended her efforts at brushing. What a smart little fairy to reinforce good habits.

At 7 ½, Jemimah is old to be losing her first tooth, but that doesn't make it any the less exciting - in fact that wobbly tooth has been the cause of much anticipatory pleasure for weeks! When it finally came out just after bedtime - oh my!! Of course the loose tooth has prevented her eating anything healthy for days - vegetables are just too tough apparently ...now she can't eat those very same foods because of the gap - she can't bite. Yeah, yeah. Nothing if not inventive, our girl!

At least the tooth fairy was happy with her brushing.

I'd love to hear your family's lost tooth traditions and stories. Do you have a funny story to share with us?


  1. Congratulations, Jemimah! How exciting.

    You know, bouncer was really late like that, and with his sister being very early it seemed very late, indeed. Yet, his teeth are very straight, and I wonder if it's because his jaw had time to get bigger before having to accommodate those big chompers.

    We opted for the tooth fairy here over the Japanese tradition of just tossing the tooth over the shoulder. My kids are so glad!

  2. There have been times the TF has forgotten to collect the tooth the first night!
    The TF has a rule in our house if the TF is late (and the TF is very busy), more money is left. When the children loose a tooth, they all hope the TF is experiencing a very busy night ahead.lol

  3. Congratulations on the loss of your first tooth Jemimah. Well done. :)

  4. How exciting for Jemimah!

    Maxim missed out on the fairy dust as he would not give his tooth up to the little pixie. He stored his first lost tooth in a special box - which Luca then got into and promptly lost.

    My sister and I were just reminiscing on the subject today. Our father would yank any of our loose teeth out with pliers or a string attached to the door. No big deal as we knew the tooth fairy would be coming with the loot.

    We'd probably be locked up if we tried that now.

  5. hurrah for jemimah! how luck y we were there to witness the historic event!

    my mum made me a tooth fairy pillow, in the shape of a fairy with a little pocket for my tooth which was then replaced with a coin (only 25cents then!). i still have the pillow somewhere ...


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