29 Sep 2009

Left in exchange...

Well, she's nothing, if not entrepreneurial - a stash of magic fairy dust will get you a whole lot more than two dollars!!


  1. oh how gorgeous! She is one smart cookie!

    Rebekah is waiting till a tooth falls out to see if the tooth fairy is real or not - she's just a bit unsure at the moment:)

  2. Hi Jeanne,
    Our children know that the tooth fairy is not real, but they are willing to play along just to get the $2.

  3. lol...I was a "mean Mommy" no tooth fairy. Then my daughter stayed at my perfect cousin's house and Ella, the Golden Retriever [perfect dog] left those sequiny-things you decorate tables with at parties and a buck! Man did I hear about that! lol.... Jemima needs to read "How Jack and Daisy Tried to Fool the Tooth Fairies," a childhood favorite of mine and my kids.

  4. Max had a look and said maybe he'd made a mistake in not handing his tooth over.

    He was also duly impressed with her handwriting ;)


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