30 Sep 2009

Birthday Card #4

Another of my favourite cards, this one shows one of the beautiful batiks collected by the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore. This one is a sarung from Lasem in Indonesia and was made in the 1890's. I bought it from the museum shop on a trip in the late '90's - the 1990's, that is!!

I want to use this card to highlight the lovely words said about A Peaceful Day by Joyfulmum. Wanna take a peek?
Oh, I wanted to be the FIRST to wish you a FIRST happy birthday but jeanamarie beat me to it:( Anyway, HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY! I think I started following your blog a few months ago, I didn't realise you've only been at it for one year! You are a Pro! Congratulations.

BTW, I love reading your blog because of the content, your style of writing and the encouragement I get when I visit.

Then on her blog she wrote this:
(Jeanne)... has been so generous to the homeschooling community with her blog where she freely posts her wisdom and experience in homeschooling to help newer homeschooling mums like myself.

She is truly becoming a great mentor to many many mums especially Aussie Charlotte Mason mums!

Besides being so generous with her time and wisdom, she is now also giving away stuff on her blog! Can you believe it! There is no end to her generosity.
You know, Joyfulmum, I'd love to be thought of as a mentor to Aussie CM mums - that would be such an honour. Slowly, slowly...

Thanks all of you for celebrating A Peaceful Day's first birthday. It has been a lot of fun for me - I hope you've enjoyed it too.

I still have one more Great Aussie Living Book Give Away too. This one's a beautiful book. I actually had to think long and hard about giving this one up, I wanted to keep it!

It is a sensitively adapted version of Jeannie Gunn's We of the Never Never for use in Australian schools. Published in 1944, it is not at all policially correct - you can check the book out at Project Gutenberg before you enter the draw if you like!

We of the Never Never is one of my all time favourite books. We'll be reading the companion volume, The Little Black Princess next year in AO3, and this one a few years later. Watch for reviews.

The draw for this one will be open until our return from Perth. I'll draw a winner at the end on Tuesday 13th October. To enter The Great Aussie Living Book Give Away #5, all you need to do is comment on this post any time in the next few weeks telling which blog post you have enjoyed most on A Peaceful Day and why. It would be great to know what you've enjoyed reading, and it will ensure you don't forget me while I'm away. You will still love me when I get back, won't you?

There are still a few of my regular readers not amongst my 'faithful friends' in the sidebar. Do follow A Peaceful Day - please! You'll get an extra entry in the draw if you tell me about it!

I'll be drawing the winner of The Great Aussie Living book Give Away #4 tonight our time. There's still time to enter that one too. Click here!

Happy Birthday to me!!! It has been a good one!


  1. Yes, surely missed but I will be sure to visit all those posts from before I knew you. It's always easiest for the one leaving...sniffle.

    I started following because of your smart CM posts - including the long awaited sequel to the modern day CM (re what would be read today at the PU Schools).

    It wouldn't be a blog though without peeks into your daily life. All those peaceful days and those not so peaceful. Some that come to mind are those with fun pics, such as Jemimah's toes, your husband making pancakes and the video of her screaming and laughing as you drive through flooded roads.

    M, L and I have all learned a lot thanks to you.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. The follow-up post is coming!! I think about what I'm going to say in in a lot! Soon :)

  3. AWWW! I feel so honoured that you made reference to my comments about your blog:)
    You definitely are becoming a mentor to many many mums!
    Enjoy your time away.
    I have enjoyed so many of your posts - let's see - one that comes to mind immediately is the one about the hs mums and denim jumpers - I was really ROFL about that one.
    I've enjoyed your book reviews, the beautiful snap shots of your country home and garden, oh I could go on....I think I love them all:)

  4. Hi Jeanne,
    Could you please enter me into the draw for "We of the Never Never"? This is on our list of to buy books for my daughter. Thank you.

    Hopefully our internet is back up and running, but it appears that everyone with DragNet and satellite broadband is having the same problem. :P

  5. Ah, I do love this one! ☺ Great read...but don't enter me. I own a copy. Somewhere....

    Enjoy your trip away. ☺

  6. 'We of the Never Never' is one of my favorite Australian stories but alot of people find it hard to read - and it is a bit hard to get into but still one of my favorites. It may have helped that we'd visited Mataranka Springs in the NT before we read the book. At Mataranka Springs they have a replica of the homestead from the book and some of the historical info and articles. We visited again after we read the book too and were more interested in the actual sites including the gravestones of the characters. (Well I was!) I'd be interested to know how it's been modified for schools? I've only being following your blog maybe six mths. I came from a CM yahoo group. I loved reading your posts about Bhutan and seeing your pics and comments. Probably because of the facinating nature of the topic and maybe also because I'm not likely to go there myself. I love reading about all the books you review. Another of my favorite posts was your favorite 10 books. I've gone and read a couple of those - I've read a few of other peoples favorites from those lists. I also like the pictures of your garden because I like sticky-beaking at gardens at anytime. (I guess it's a bit like reading a blog and sticky-beaking at someone's life.)

  7. Wow, Sylvia - to visit Mataranka Station would be so exciting! I'd enjoy seeing the graves as well. We started reading The Little Black Princess tonight in the car - this morning's post got me inspired - it's a lovely book for the youngies... quite a lot easier than Never Never! Lots of the 'N' word for colour though - made for a bit of a discussion with Jemimah!

    The first 3/4 of the adapted book seem identical - the changes all seem to be near the end. I haven't read this edition so I can't tell which bits are omitted.

  8. Great book to give away. Don't enter me either though as we have it, too. Not that edition but We of the Never Never.
    Hope you have a wonderful time in Perth!

  9. Mataranka Station doesn't exist as it did in the book anymore. We were at the Springs - which is a popular tourist camping area - worth a visit though a bit run down when we were there 4 years ago. Beautiful 15 years ago. (except for all the bats who weren't there on our 2nd visit) I don't think I've read the 'Little Black Princess' though my children have - have to go and look for it. Also meant to mention - beautiful card!

  10. I love the Batik postcard, I particularly like fabric exhibits in museums. I also liked the Breton birthday card. My husband has family in Oz so we feel a fondness for 'Down Under'. The book looks great, and if I won it I hope it would spark off an interest in an 'Australia' project.
    One of your most interesting posts was the one that included the You-Tube video of some great Presbyterian singing!Love the A capella 4 part harmony.
    Happy blog birthday- looking forward to reading many more!


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