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Who's the lucky winner then?

Posted by Jeanne

The winner of The Great Aussie Living Books Give Away #4 is Chef Penny. Hooray!!

I'll email you on our return from hols, Penny to arrange getting your book to you. Hope that is okay!

Congratulations again.

Chef Penny wrote:

You find the most beautiful books! I must come hang out with you for awhile! I am new at this so I simply do not know of any books that I would like to see printed again. This book is beautiful.
Well, Chef Penny, now Koonaworra is all yours! I hope you enjoy him.


minivanlife said...



Richele said...

Congratulations Chef Penny, aka the great encourager! I hope you and yours enjoy the book.

rachaelnz said...

Congratulations Penny, I'm sure you'll enjoy the book!
And Jeanne, you have a wonderful time in Perth.

Chef Penny said...

Woohoo! I got so excited when I read that I won that I woke up my children! lol I can't wait!

Richele- you are too sweet!


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