1 Oct 2009

It's my birthday...

...and I'll cry if I want to...

This morning I opened a card from my wonderful husband, which made me cry. I opened a gift from a much loved friend in America - which made me cry. I opened a letter from my daughter, which made me cry.

Who'd have thought I'd become such a sook just because it is my birthday!!

Thanks all for the nice Facebook messages and texts - which so far have not made me cry, but do serve to make me feel pretty special - and it's only half past nine!!

This lovely quote is from my new book.

I think Seneca would have liked blogging - don't you?
My conversation lies among my books, but yet in the letters of a friend methinks I have his company; and when I answer them I do not only write, but speak. And in effect a friend is an eye, a heart, a tongue, a hand, at all distances. When friends see one another personally they do not see each other as they do when they are divided, when the distance dignifies the prospect...

...True friends are the whole world to one another, and he that is a friend to himself is a friend to mankind.

Seneca 4BC-65AD


  1. Oh, I'm glad to get to be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday on your (on your blog atleast) :)!
    Glad I checked in this morning before I dash out the door.
    Have a GREAT day and be super blessed through the coming year!

  2. Wishing you a happy birthday.:-)

  3. Hey Happy Birthdat to you...what a beautiful quote...xxx

  4. Blessings of unbelievable joy and grace this year.

    We will be toasting your birthday along with Luca's this year!

  5. The Lord bless and keep you dear Jeanne.
    Wow, that place you are hanging out on your birthday looks grand!!

  6. Happy Birthday -have a lovely day. That is a lovely quote.

  7. happy birthday Jeanne.

    You are my second friend online that shares my birthday.

    I had a tiramisu cake for my cake. I had a piece for you. I hope you had a piece of your cake for me.

  8. a belated happy birthday Jeanne!!!!!

  9. Jeanne, I trust you had a fabulous b`day, judging by your comments, you certainly shed a few tears...

  10. Hi Jeanne,
    Happy birthday to you.

    We have just arrived home from Tumby Bay.

    Have a wonderful holiday.


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