9 Nov 2009

Delayed gratification is overrated

There are two parcels waiting for me at the post office. Two!! Don't you just love it when the yearly Amazon order starts to arrive?!!

I'm off to collect them right now. Who cares that we're half way through school?

I just can't wait until this afternoon.

Could you?


  1. Haha! Nope, I couldn't wait, but I don't have to, I get me parcels delivered to my door! If I had to go out to get them however, I probably would have to wait, because it's no small feat getting 5 kiddies into the car etc...
    Don't forget to post about what was in your parcels ;-)

  2. Cruel, very cruel... Now we have to wait in suspense. Don't be too long in town.

  3. No way! We'd be out the door for sure. We get ours at our door, but when I know a package is due the sound of the door bell can cause my pulse to quicken with excitement. Sometimes, when I am getting impatient for a package, the sound of a truck pulling up downstairs will send me to the window to see if it might be a delivery. Is that sick? ;-)

  4. No, not really, I couldn't wait either, though most of mine get delivered to my door if I'm home:)

  5. nope!

    Hope Jemimah doesn't mind too much ;)

  6. My book parcels have started arriving too, in dribs and drabs. One arrived at our door today during schoolwork, the girls raced out to grab the box, and I suggested we wait to open it till we had finished school work........I don't think they heard me! :) At least I can blame the children. Now the difficult thing is to wait to use them......that is a whole other problem. Last week, my girls spent hours pouring over the new books.


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