9 Nov 2009

To whet your appetite

10 Christian books from today's book delivery to whet your appetite of things to come:
  1. Grandpa's Box Starr Meade
  2. Heroes of the Reformation - Life-Changing Lessons for the Young Richard Newton
  3. Heirs of the Covenant - Leaving a Legacy of Faith for the Next Generation Susan Hunt
  4. The King without a Shadow R. C. Sproul
  5. The Gospel for Children John Leuzarder
  6. Against the World - The Odyssey of Anthanasius Henry Coray
  7. Martin Luther - A Man who Changed the World Paul Maier
  8. The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History Curtis, Lang & Petersen
  9. For Kirk and Covenant - the Stalwart Courage of John Knox Douglas Wilson
  10. Read Any Good Books? Sinclair Ferguson
Anybody have an opinion on any of there?


  1. Great list Jeanne! Let me guess - your books for your Reformation study?
    I will refer to this again.

  2. ooh, it is so exciting! xxx

  3. I got the Martin Luther one at a second hand store last week. It is well done with awesome illustrations. I actually thought of you as I was looking through it. You will like it, I think.


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