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10 French Read-Alouds

Posted by Jeanne

For Butter Fly

  1. Petit Ours Brun est grognon by Danièle Bour

  2. Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans
  3. La chenille qui fait des trous by Eric Carle
  4. La grenouille à grande bouche by Francine Vidal
  5. Ernest et Célestine ont perdu Siméon by Gabrielle Vincent
  6. Histoire de Babar, le petit éléphant by Jean de Brunhoff

  7. Bon appétit, Monsieur Lapin! by Claude Boujonli
  8. Les Contraires de Francesco Pittau and Bernadette Gervais
  9. La petite poule rousse by Byron Barton
  10. Siméon le Papillon by Antoon Krings
I also love Un Deux Trois by Opal Dunn. I blogged about that one here. My copy came from Borders.

Anyhow, hope you like my list. These books are classics - great in French and English! My faves are ones with lots of repetition. Monsieur Lapin, La chenile qui fait des trous, La grenouille à grande bouche and La petite poule rousse were all selected with this in mind.

Bonne lecture!


Butter Fly said...

YOU are a LEGEND! Thanks so much, Jeanne! God's blessings to you and your family this Christmas. And I do hope Santa delivers 'that' teaset.
Butter Fly

Mrs Adept said...

How awesome is this? Way awesome~!! Thanks so much. :)

Sarah said...

How cute! I really hope you get that teaset too! It's beautiful! xxx

Fe said...

Ah:-) I'm reading through your archive, so I've only just got to _this_ post, that answers my question about books:-)

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