16 Dec 2009

A letter for Father Christmas

Dear Father Christmas,

I know you've probably already made all of your decisions regarding Christmas presents for this year - given that it's so close and all, but I've just found something that I really like, and I don't know anybody else who'll be able to get it for me, so I thought of you, that's all.

It's this be-oo-tiful 'Tea Garden' tea-set, illustrated by Kat Macleod for the Heide Musuem of Modern Art. It's just been released in a limited edition of only 250 sets, signed by Kat, and individually numbered (in gold, of course,) and I only found out about it this morning on The Design Files, which is why I didn't ask you for it earlier. Sorry.

Anyhow, if you decide I've been good enough, the 'Tea Garden' set is $149.95 and you can get one from the Heide gift shop. They don't yet have an online store, but Heide will happily process credit card transactions over the phone and post anywhere within Australia. That should help you a lot, coz I guess you don't have many of these little beauties stashed up at the North Pole, do you?

I thank you for your consideration. This is the first time I've asked you for something for lots and lots of years, but I have never been disappointed in you in the past.

Yours faithfully,


PS We'll be in Geelong for Christmas this year. There is a chimney into the dining room in case you've forgotten.


  1. That is one beautiful tea set! Think Santa can manage two of them on his sliegh without any breakage? :)

  2. oh what a gorgeous tea set. If I got one though, it would be banished to the display cabinet in our kitchen till all my children were at least 18.

  3. WOW! Your blog is full of information! Wish my kids were younger. I love anything to do with tea. This tea set is very nice. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Lets hope the boomers don't jiggle it about!

  5. Hey Jeanne!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and I'm sorry I haven't responded to you sooner. My email is messing up, or otherwise I would have emailed you. . . oh, I hope I haven't discouraged you, but I do wish I wouldn't have told so many friends/family about my blog. . . I just try so hard to spare people's feelings, and I'm probably a tad bit on the sensitive side to the feelings of those close to me. . . I just felt very bound in what I was blogging or not blogging about . . . I really am glad that I started a new blog. I feel much less bound now.

    I think you just have to ask yourself why you blog. . . for me, it is to keep a written record of the life of my family and my life as a mother and wife and friend. . . so that my children can see the struggles that I have with different relationships/people in my life and how I grow through those challenges.

    I hope this helps. I really love your blog. I will definitely be visiting frequently!!


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