5 Feb 2010

My Fairy Godmother

Oliver Herford

So I have a Fairy Godmother. Wow. Who'd have guessed? Would you like to meet her? Okay, okay, patience, girls. First the story of how we met...

As you know because I told you all, I was feeling pretty blue about the problems you were having with my blog. Some of you. Some of the time. You all know intermittent problems are the hardest to fix don't you? Just look at my dishwasher. Did I tell you it has broken down again? This time it was mice. Inside the sealed cupboard space that you can't access from inside the house. Or from any other place actually. The mice found a way though. They can get anywhere. How do they do that? Anyway, the mice'd chewed through the tubing and the nice dishwasher man has taken it away to fix. The dishwasher I mean, not the tubing. The builder is sealing the cupboard space too, so the mice can't get in and do their mischief again. Blech.

So where was I? Oh yes, my blog. I was feeling the same way about my blog. Meh. It was all getting a bit hard, to be honest. I love to write. I love to keep in touch with you all. But I am a Luddite. I was born in 1963, for goodness sake. That makes me old enough to be your mother, some of you. Can you imagine your mother blogging? And no, Richele, my mum doesn't read mine. Good job you girls do, coz my friends and family don't. Not even our family who live in far flung parts of the world like France and Canada and Wales and Scotland. They don't read it either. Why is that do you think? It is not that I have blue funks very often. In fact, I think I'm pretty even tempered. What's more, my hubby agrees. That is saying something!

So yesterday I did. I blue funked. And I told you about it. I blogged about my problem and then I sat here wondering what to do next. Possibly I wrung my hands and rolled my eyes. I'm not sure about that. What I did do, was to give an anguished cry of despair into cyberspace. More precisely, into Twitter. One tiny little tweet with the tag: #savvyblogging. Do you know it? Try it some time.

Within minutes, I had met the most wonderful lady. My fairy godmother. Did you know, this lady who I had never met before spent all yesterday morning - which was actually Wednesday night where she lives - working on my blog for me? For nothing? And do you know, she fixed it? Well, yes you do, coz you can see that. She did. From the other side of the world. For a stranger.


So now the introduction. Her name is Dee. She blogs at Start Dreaming. She's a homeschooling, reading, gardening, God fearing, crazy coupon loving mummy. And she fixes blogs. Well, she did mine. Yesterday. That's her modest little comment at the bottom of yesterday's post. The one that says, "Woohoo! Great job!" As if it had anything to do with me. Which it didn't. This is all about Dee.

If you felt like it you could hop over to Dee's blog for me and tell her how much we appreciate what she did. If you feel like it. I've already told her of course, but I think she'd feel good if you told her too. You'd make me happy too. Dee's just started a blog meme called Why I love.... This week is about being pregnant. Which I haven't been for such a long time I've forgotten what I loved about it. Perhaps you remember. Aussie Therese certainly would! Brandy would too. Perhaps you might like to link up.

So my fairy godmother fixed my blog.

My beloved fixed my blue funk too, and I'm happy again. I'm so blessed to have him.

I am blessed to have met Dee.

I am blessed to know you all too. Thanks for putting up with me.

Your friend Jeanne. The Luddite.


  1. Hooray!! It looks awesome! I'm going over there to tell her how awesome she for fixing the blog of one my favorite bloggers. Wink. Have a great day!

  2. So happy your blog is working! BTW, still in my PJ's today too...and it's 5:18PM here. (giggle)

  3. Rose, it is 10,30 here, and so am I. Oh dear. Even Jemimah is dressed!!

  4. Awwwww, that's wonderful! The power of the internet & people willing to give of themselves! :)

  5. Hallelujah!
    I am so pleased and it's made it much easier for me to read your blog again:)
    Thank the Lord for Dee too and God bless her!
    BTW what is it about my friends and their rodent problems? My other blog friend - Amy - who is also a friend irl is having rodent issues at their place too!

  6. Hi Jeanne,
    I am so glad that your blog is fixed - I felt so useless. My son is great at web design, and he knew that something was pushing it out, but didn't know what???

    Praise God for Dee, who didn't really have to become involved, but she loved you enough to, "Just do it" (to quote Ruby). :D

    I'm glad that you are happy once again - nothing worse than a blue Jeanne!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  7. Perhaps in Persia one would see a blue genie, a friend of Barabara Edens?
    Okay, it's Friday and I go a little loopy!

  8. lol You manage better than I do. In situations like this I weep & wail then open the HTML thingy [which I don't know AT ALL], fiddle & crash the whole blasted thing. Twice. You'd think once would be enough. So whoo~hoo for fairy god~mothers because YOU are not allowed to crash your blog & disappear like I do. ;)

  9. Yay for strangers who become friends. :)

  10. yay!

    you're only just old enough to have been my mum, and it would have been tragic if you were...if that makes you feel any better...ummmm. anyway. you're my friend. I like you. Have a good weekend!

  11. Yipee!! So glad I don't have to wear out my page down button anymore!!!

  12. YEA! I love these kinds of connections. :)

    Speaking of which, Kaytie and I were wondering if Jemimah would like an American email-pal?

  13. Glad to hear you're up and running. Nothing is more frustrating than a computer glitch. I wanted to thank you for your compliment. You are too kind. (I think people always notice my smile because I have such stinkin' big teeth! I just hope I look more friendly than like I'm growling!) HA! Have a great (and peaceful) weekend!

  14. I love it when random strangers perform selfless acts of kindness... it just makes the world seem like a better place. What a great lady and a beautiful story you have.

  15. YAY! I'm SO glad! It is so nice to not have to scroll so far down to find you!! and I'm glad you feel better about it too! ;)



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