29 Mar 2010

AO2 Term 3 Exams

Sorry I am so late posting this exam from last year. Better late than never, though, I guess...


1. “Because you did not trust in me enough to honour me as holy in the sight of the Israelites, you will not bring this community into the land I give them.”

To whom did the LORD speak these words and why?

2. Can you tell me what happened when Jesus and his mother went to a wedding in Cana?
3. Tell how Satan tempted Jesus in the desert.


1. Recite John 14: 1-8 to Daddy.
2. Westminster Catechism questions. How many can you get right?
3. Récites Matthieu 19:14 en français à Maman.


1. Write the alphabet in upper and lower case letters in your very best writing.
2., Please write, using your very best writing: “The five boxing wizards jumped quickly!” Watch punctuation, slope and spacing.


1. Read for 5 minutes from Farmer Boy (820L)
2. Read for 5 minutes from The Mouse and the Motorcycle (860L)

World History

1. Can you tell me something about the three inventions that ended the Middle Ages?
2. Tell the story of Edward and Richard, the two little princes in the tower.
3. What happened at the end of Joan of Arc’s life?
4. Illustrate one of the following:

a. Elizabeth of Hungary, Servant of the Poor;
b. John Wyclif, The Morning Star of the Reformation; or
c. John Huss, Forerunner of the Reformation.

5. On Christopher Columbus’ forth and final voyage he was given four old and worm-eaten ships for his voyage to find a passage through the unknown continent he had found. Why was this so and what happened as a consequence?

Natural History and General Science

1. What was your favourite part of Pagoo? Tell me about it, paying particular attention to any other sea creatures he encountered.
2. What are some of the most amazing changes that Seabird encounters during his long live on the waves?
3. What can you tell me about magpies?

Literature and Tales

1. “Aegeon had no money to pay the fine, and the duke, before he pronounced the sentence of death upon him, desired him to relate the history of his life, and to tell for what cause he had ventured to come to the city of Ephesus, which it was death for any Syracusan merchant to enter."

What happened next?. Here are some proper nouns you can use: Aegon, Antipholus, Dromio, Adriana, Ephesus, Syracuse.

2. These three pictures illustrate a scene from Robin Hood. Can you tell me what happened in this episode in the life of Robin and his Merry Men?
3. Before Pilgrim and Hopeful could reach the Celestial City there was one last trial they had to face. What was it?
4. Tell the story of one of the following:

a. The two girls Kate and Undine in “Motes in the Sunbeam”;
b. Little Siegfried and the “Red Snow” on Mont Blanc; or
c. The Sea Creatures in “Wherunto?”

Australian literature/geography

1. Tell me about Narahdarn the bat who wanted honey.
2. Describe what happened when the puddin’ thieves made an appearance carrying a bran bag in their hands. Who was the rightful owner of the bag?


1. Complete review sheet 95 (Book 3b)
2. Recite your eight and seven times tables.


1. In the song Jean Petit qui danse several parts of his body dance. Name them in French and English..
2. Translate the following passage into English:

Monsieur Coq est très riche. Il a une jolie maison. Dans cette maison il y a une salle à manger. Le trois petites poulettes mangent dans la salle à manger. Ninette mange une pomme. Linette mange un orange et deux fraises, et Minette mange trois framboises.

Dans cette maison il y a aussi un salon. Les poulets dansent dans le salon. Les trois petites poulets aiment beaucoup danser!

3. Qu'est-ce que les trois poules manger?

Picture Study (Salvador Dali)

1. What is the name of the artist we studied this term? Where did he live?
2. Describe your favourite picture from this term's picture study and explain why you like it.
3. Can you draw one of his others?

Composer Study (Handel)

1. What is the name of the composer we have been studying this term? What can you tell me about his life?
2. Tell me what you know about his Music for the Royal Fireworks.


1. Sing all the songs from this term in front of Daddy.
2. Play three songs on the recorder, including one that uses your new notes.


1. Show Daddy your felt purse.
2. Do you know the names of the stitches you used?

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  1. I've used your exams as a template ever since we started AO Y1 last school year. Thanks!


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