26 Mar 2010

Five things I'm doing...

...this weekend.
  1. Seeing this here.

  2. Celebrating this with a candlelight dinner at home. What fun. Will you join us at 8:30 pm on Saturday? You can make a lantern like my one here!

  3. Reading this for bookclub.

  4. Visiting the hairdresser and the beautician. I am looking even more strange than usual with wild untamed hair and red eyelashes. Hopefully I'll get time to drop in here in between.

  5. Spending time here and here and here. I'll be where they are in about six weeks. Not that I'm counting or anything.
What are you up to?


  1. The book you're reading for bookclub looks intriguing. I have an Amazon GC in my hot little hands, and I may just use it for this book! Blessings, Jeanne!

  2. We are going to a local wildlife park to celebrate Rebekah's 6th birthday with three of her closest friends tomorrow!
    enjoy your weekend!
    and oh, your friend Sue's blog looks lovely but I need more time to check it out as I gotta go now...

  3. I always think it funny that I find cool Japan blogs through you!

    I am very interested to know what your hair dresser can do about the red eye-lashes. Is there hope for my blond, invisible ones?

    This post gave me an itch for a Tokyo excursion. You know I love my nature and quiet, but I think I'm due for a little excitement.

  4. Sue! Wait for me, wait for me!!

  5. Ellen, you stole my thought, I'm going to see if I strike a lucky one at Paperswap.

  6. Great little linky post, Jeanne!
    Have a great weekend. Japan in six weeks...woohooo!!!

  7. Just added the Book Club pick to my "to read" list!


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