30 Mar 2010

My first granny!

So you may have lost me, I fear.

Yesterday whilst tidying the disaster in the study I came across a crochet hook and wool in Jemimah's handwork drawer, and for some reason I felt the need to crochet a granny square.

Right. Sure.

Where did that urge come from, I ask you - certainly nowhere rational, sensible or practical.

Anyhow, yesterday instead of blogging or tidying or ironing or doing anything practical at all, I crocheted. For hours. On one little square. Which was NOT GOING TO BEAT ME!!!!!

And here it is. My very first granny square!

Now I'm obsessed. Totally. Actually, I suppose that technically that should read HOOKED!

I'm busily trying to work out how I can get some wool to take camping with us on Thursday. Only I don't think I can. And I don't want to do too many purple acrylic squares, really, do I?

It's all Pip Lincolne's fault. I used her book. That's it in the pics, and also her Granny Square School tutes on YouTube. You'll find the introductory Lesson 1 here. By the time you get to Lesson 10 you'll be joining squares like a pro. Which I'm not, because I'm only up to Lesson 8. But you will be, soon, if you join me. Best of all, the instructions actually work! Even for a left hander like me. My square may be wonky, but I don't think it is too bad for a first attempt.

So anyway, I gotta go. Something is calling, calling, calling.

If you never see me here again, blame Pip. Perhaps I can also use her as the reason for why the study is still a bomb site. Do you think hubby will accept that as a valid excuse?


  1. Jeanne I had learnt to crochet these little squares when my children were really little. I made a few blankets that were great on the lounge in winter. Instead of doing just the little squares, I just kept going, and going, and going, until it was as big as I wanted it.

    Funny thing though, as the years went by, I totally forgot how to crochet.

    Now I know where to turn when I am ready to relearn. Youtube! Good ol' youtube. I would never have thought lol.

    And you're right... it is quite addictive. I remember really enjoying it and feeling great when I had finished the job.

    Ps. the purple you are using is a great colour!

  2. Good on you! The purple wool is beautiful! xxx

  3. I do granny squares rarely now. That's what I began with. Now I usually make long blankets of triple crotchet over the winter months. If I start now they are usually big enough to keep me warm as I work throughout the winter. Mmm.

  4. You are the second person talking about crocheting (it must be a sign of encouragement) - I have been planning to teach myself this winter - I will go out and by the hook and wool and start as I would like a granny blanket by winter (lol - perhaps winter of 2011). I will check out the instructions.

  5. Jeanne, yet another thing in common! Although I've never mastered the granny square (thanks for the YouTube tip above!), I've crocheted off and on for about ten years now. All I've ever made are scarves and two ponchos. I like scarves because they don't take WEEKS to make, and I feel like I've accomplished something. I've been working on a wrap for dd10, but set it aside to read. I can't read and crochet at the same time, LOL!

    Your granny square is lovely. I think croceting is a perfect camping activity.

  6. Well done!
    I amde a little rug for my baby nephew when I was in Yr 9 and it had some purple squares.
    Mind you, I have rarely picked up a hook since that day.
    Enjoy your new hobby.

  7. I do know a little of crocheting but have always wanted to learn to knit so badly but now that I have handcrafts and CM to blame I can learn it alongside Rebekah, woo hoo! and thanks for the you tube tip, never would have thought of that one!
    Blame it on CM I say, even the house:)

  8. Hi Jeanne,
    Clever you! :D

    Have a wonderful week,
    Jillian ♥

  9. well done! I know that calling......

  10. Amazing...good for you and your new neat addiction, ahem, I meant hobby

  11. Your granny square is sweet and I can imagine it being a bit of a bummer to put so much work into acrylic when you long for wool.

    Just a gentle reminder, my dear friend, that you will have loads of unpacking and washing when you return from your camping trip so attending to the study might be wise.

    Unhook just for a few moments, set your timer and voila!

  12. Good for you! Loved this post -- too funny...I do think you are "hooked"!

  13. Good on you Jeanne. Perhaps this is the beginning of you becoming more creative - apart from your writing, cooking and gardening of course.
    Lucy is learning to knit. She has finished making her needles and has embarked on her first square. This will be made into a toy sheep.
    Have you recieved an email from me lately I'm wondering if an email I sent recently didn't get to you.
    Are you holidaying?

  14. Oh!!! Jeanne! I love the purple granny square! You won't believe me but I feel the same as you at the moment! I would so love to be sewing and crafting at present (and that is NOT normal for me!). I cannot crochet to save myself (have tried many times) but I like to knit (haven't done that since I can't remember) and now I am buying AFGHAN patterns so that once it gets cooler I can knit to my hearts content. I will be thinking of you and wondering what your JOINED granny squares are looking like!!!

  15. Hurrah! I just recently "got hooked" on crocheting, too. Now I'm noticing more and more other people starting.


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