29 Mar 2010

Oh dear...

We're generally pretty much 'neat-freaks' here at our Peaceful Home, and so surveying the chaos that is the remains of exam week, it is rather clear how I shall be spending the first day of hols...

...tidying the study.

I might even post some after pics if you'd like to see what the room where we do school usually looks like. Would you?


  1. I'd love to see pics. Go on! Make me feel bad. We're not the neat~freak sorts. ☺

  2. You are scaring me, Jeanne!
    That is probably as neat as our work area gets. But sure, I'm with Ganeida, make us feel rotten for our hols and show us your clean up. It might even motivate me.

  3. Thanks for dropping by and saying hi!!

    Funny that your blog is about a messy space as the blog that I have just written is in regards to cleaning up my kitchen cupboards as they were in quite a state!!

  4. Yes please! I find other's neat homes a great motivator and inspiration for me to do the same, so I wouldn't mind sticky beaking into yours:)

  5. Go on Jeanne... don't keep us on the edge of our seats any longer. Show us!! lol

    All you girls and your 'tidying' up posts. Is this a conspiracy?? :P

    If you are all really desperate for a 'thrill' I can post photos of my laundry, dirty clothes and all! haha, just kidding ;) I wouldn't do that to my worst enemy LOL

  6. Of course I want pictures! It will inspire me to deal with our dump, er, ah, um, HOUSE.

  7. Yes, please! I love looking at other's schoolrooms!!!

  8. Hi Jeanne,
    We, too, are neatness 'freaks', but occasionally we do get into a real mess, such as when we were card-making yesterday - we couldn't even see the table. :-/

    I'd love to see the after piccies. :)

    Have a wonderful week,
    Jillian ♥


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