14 Jun 2010

Absolutely the coolest thing

Jemimah would love this:

Oh look, who am I kidding? I would kill for one of these!! Doesn't that look like the best fun you've had in ages?

Anyone know where I can get one?


  1. oh yes! I want one too! and don't you know I'd probably keep it a secret for awhile ;)

    amy in peru

  2. that does look very cool. naomi would love it too. i had a quick look online and you can get it from a few places if you are up for waiting a couple of weeks for it to arrive. have you heard of the book depository? it's a company out of the UK that ships worldwide for free. i've ordered a few AO books from there and have had good experiences. they carry the the modern play house. Or you can go directly for MoMa here, they ship internationally. Or an aussie company is booktopia, and they carry it here. Hope that helps and isn't what you already knew. I don't know where to find it in an actual shop. As you might have deduced I am an Internet shopper...it's a bit hard at this stage to get out to do any of my shopping with my 4 littlies ;). melissa m.

  3. LOL - I'd be in for one of those too, especially because it's cardboard.

    I recently bought the girls some cardboard / printed toys. Awesome - excdept the mess they made with them. LOL.

  4. Did you really just ask that question or were you luring me out of hiding? Come visit and we'll go to MoMA. I'm pretty sure everyone spends as much (or more) time in the shop as they do in the galleries. The boys love it as they have Lego's in one of their exhibits.

    I will be sure to show my mom.


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