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Phillipians 4:4-8

For with Thee is the fountain of life; in Thy light shall we see light. Psalm 36:9

Pure Escapism

Posted by Jeanne

Hello there, how is your weekend going? We've been to a very important sixth birthday, although that's rather a silly thing to say - aren't they all so very exciting when you're six?

Tonight we're going to see Coppélia at The Arts Centre. Doesn't it look sublimely gorgeously beautiful? You can read more about it on The Australian Ballet's blog, behind ballet, which is where I found the lovely piccies.

I just love escaping reality for just a little while, don't you?

What are you doing with your weekend?


Jo said...

I love ballet - looks so beautiful.

I will be enjoying my long weekend - sleeping in, shopping at Spotlight for fabric and on Monday spending time with my cousin and her family who will be visiting. It will be a lovely 3 days.

Sarah said...

How delightful!

I'm doing a bit of knitting, a bit of reading, a bit of cooking, alot of talking with Davids folks, a bit of resting, and cheering the maggies on Monday!


Laura Lou said...

Happy Birthday to your baby!! What a wonderful way to celebrate. Coppelia is one of my daughters most fav ballets. Enjoy!

Honestly, we've a load of housework and laundry to tackle today, but tomorrow we'll be blessed with a lovely wedding reception for an older couple who found love later in life. Cannot wait!

Amy in Peru said...

ooh. looks delightful! I think I'm becoming 'cultured' enough that I would very much enjoy this...

pre-homeschool era... never.


amy in peru

Hopewell said...

Truly, I want your life!!! lol--looks stunning!

Ruby said...

How was it?
Have a good week all of you!

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