30 Jun 2010

Cushion update

Jemimah is having a lovely time this week with Princess Pea. I've hardly seen them. Pea has joined us for school, which has been completed quickly and happily, and then they can both get on with more important things.

Like catching lizards. Making cupcakes. Doing jigsaws. Acting out their favourite fairy tales. Toasting marshmallows on the fire. Making a house for the aforesaid lizard. Colouring brain hats (More on this soon). Playing in the cubby. Jumping on the trampoline. Having picnics at the playground. Cooking spaghetti bolognese for dinner. Having big messy bubblebaths. Laughing. Eating. Sleeping. Well, not so much sleeping.

No telly yet. That's pretty impressive, is it not? They have put in an order for Shrek tonight while homegroup is here though.

With all this free time, I've been knitting. I've finished my cushion. Tada!!

I decided on moss stitch for the flap. This is such an elegant stitch, and yet it is not one I use often - all that backwards and forwards with the yarn as you change from plain to purl is rather tedious. This time though, I settled into quite a happy rhythm, and I am really happy with the result - it was worth the effort.

I started to sew it up last night, only to discover that I had carefully and neatly sewn the button flap over not under the holes, and so I have had to quick unpick it. Which I had to do immediately, or I would never have bothered. That'll teach me to sew at midnight. Rather silly. Maybe by tonight you will see the finished product stitched the right way round. Sans buttons, of course. They will need to wait until I can get into Buttonmania on our next visit to Melbourne.

I'm sewing in the kitchen because the light is better for my ageing eyes. As I look up from my work I see these.

Beautiful, aren't they?


  1. thanks for commenting on my blog!

    Milo is a vest for babies and toddlers - I'm knitting one for a friend's new baby. (yep, my first project for the winter is a very small one, and I still haven't finished it!)

    If you knit and crochet... have you discovered Ravelry yet? ravelry.com. You'll find the Milo pattern and thousands more.

    What yarn are you using for your cushion?

  2. OOh, LOVE those tulips Jeanne! Your days sound perfectly dreamy... The knitting is looking fabulous too. One of my girls is a keen knitter, so I've decided to join her this winter. We have lovely moments of sitting together in the afternoons and knitting, with cups of tea near by. Playing 'ladies' really, which is such fun :)

  3. Those tulips are quite a lovely view!

  4. Those tulips are gorgeous! As for the cushion....sigh....I've just posted about our pathetic attempt at handicrafts around here:)

  5. Your cushions are looking lovely and the tulips are beautiful.I love Tulips
    Jemimah and Princess Pea must be having a wonderful time!


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