2 Jul 2010

Because we can

Do you?


School in jarmies is just the best when it's cold outside.


  1. It's one of the things that make homeschool worth all the hassle!! lol Of course we don't get to do that very often any more!

  2. I love the title! Love not having to rush out of the house to drop the kids at school at a certain time. We have pj days here where we are in our pj's all day - because we can. Your princess is so pretty. xo

  3. :-) and she has the most amazing hair!

    (Been meaning to tell you that my cousin, best childhood friend and bridesmaid, is a left handed, redhead!)She always claimed she was a chestnut!

  4. Oh! Adorable!
    And, yes! of course! But that is always the day that someone comes a knocking at the door!
    : )
    I hope you have a great weekend (from post above)!


  5. Ah.. I don't. ever. do school in jamas.

    NOT because it doesn't appeal to everything in my be-comfortable nature, but because I live in a spot that is just about the centre of town. So... it's the kind of spot people feel to drop in on without notice, and they act on the urge.

    I feel decidedly at a disadvantage, entertaining in my pjs.:P It has been the source of several conversations between dh and I, the upshot of it being that I think it would be grand to live in the middle of nowhere, where I couldn't be surprised by all and sundry dropping in unannounced and finding me anything but decorously robbed in schoolmarm get up.

    Sigh. I would so enjoy the freedom!

    The first pic of your little petal - very captivating. :)

    (mrs BB, as usual, having trouble commenting.. )

  6. teehee :) cuties.

    {jarmies? eh?}

    Hope your time at the conference is great!


  7. Wow Jemimah's hair is stunningly beautiful don't ever let her cut it!!I love the stained glass windows in your home ahhhh just lovely. My 8 yr old would live in pj's if I let him. It is nice when we homeschool on the sofa in pj's on a particularly chilly morn - sshhhh don't tell. You just hope no-one turns up at the door!


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