2 Jul 2010

The Weekend

We'll be here.

Attending this.

We'll be being edified, encouraged, fellowshipped and fed.

We'll be hearing great expository teaching of God’s Word to help us live practically as followers of Christ Jesus.

We'll be listening to this man. And this one. And this one. And some other ones.

There's also a bookshop...but what makes you think you'll find me there?

Have a nice one, folks. Waddayadoin'?


  1. May the Lord richly bless this weekend and all attending.

  2. I've had a peek at your program - you are in for a great weekend. May God keep you safe as you travel there (do you have to travel far?).

  3. Thanks, Ladies. I am excited!!

    It is three hours to Geelong. We are in Central Vic - between Bendigo and Swan Hill. Where are you?

  4. Hi Jeanne,
    I hope you have a blessed time.

    I wanted to introduce myself since I absolutely love reading your blog! My name is Monica. I live in the US in California, to be exact. I have 3 kiddos, ages 20, 10, and 7. Even though I had read about Charlotte Mason 5 years ago when I started homeschooling, it is only this next year that i will begin to implement it into my home. And, I am VERY excited. I will be using AO and also MEP! All the info you give on MEP is amazing! Thank you!
    Well, again, I hope you have a blessed weekend!

  5. Looks great! Sounds like you are too busy to catch up this weekend in the G-town! xxx

  6. That is far more edifying than Ditz & I. We had a complete brain fry with The A~Team, clothes shopping & looking for a birthday present for the woman who has it all. Leaving on Sun for a few days on the Sunshine coast ~ so not fun in winter. ☺ but my mother is there.

  7. Oh darn! It looks wonderful, but I just posted a some fun U.S. History stuff to help Jemima learn about the 4th of July!! [Just my luck] They are scheduled posts so there will be a new one each day of our 3 day holiday here. She can enjoy them when you get back I guess. Hope the conference is fun--I KNOW the bookstore will be!

  8. We're up to stage 2 of putting in a kitchen garden! Which I've been wanting to do for ages and ages --I love your posts about what's coming out of your garden and you and Jemimah cooking. Cold and sunny in Perth this weekend, perfect for kitchen-garden building. :-)

  9. Rebecca, I hope your kitchen garden gives you as much satisfaction as ours does to us!! Do let us see pics...

    I'm planning a garden/cooking post again soon!


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