16 Jul 2010

My favourite things

My Auntie Mary tells me it is time for a Grannie Update. So here she is. She's a real grown-up rug now. 110 squares of warm huggly cuggly warmness. Oh I do love you, Grannie!

You can see my cushion there too. Alas no update on the buttons as yet. Soon, I hope. I'm halfway through knitting its twin. Maybe I'll put them on the spare bed when they're done. Good plan?

This is my Japanese haribako. Which just means sewing box, but sounds so much more exotic and impressive somehow. It is just so kawaii, don't you think? Prettiness in practical items really appeals to me. You can see the scissors in the top pic, complete with tinkling bells, along with a pretty little needle holder my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas a few years ago. I like it too.

I notice that in the Grannie pics you can see part of my Asiatic Pheasant china collection. Would you like to see some close-ups? We don't use the pieces much any more, although we used to once, but I just love seeing them there in their cabinets. Like?

So here are a few of my current favourite things. Well, this week anyhow. Actually, my favourite thing right now is my Dad. And my Mum. And my husband. And my daughter. Of course.

But mostly my Dad. This week.

Have a nice weekend, my friends. You're my favourite things too.


  1. Yes, family is the best.

    Mmmhmm, definitely the guest bed. Sorry, are my selfish motives showing?

    You're one of my favourites as well. Loved the fantastic peek at your other favourites.

  2. I spied your coffee mug as well!

  3. Love your Grannie Jeanne. Of course it goes beautifully with your cushion.

    You are now one of my favourites also and indeed I have given you an award I found awarded to me this morning. I hope you might enjoy receiving it, otherwise feel free just to enjoy it:)


    God bless today

  4. Wow, your rug is a triumph. Beautiful and very homey.
    The plates and dishes are gorgeous, Jeanne, and delicate. Oooeee....they look great in your peaceful home. I don't know how long they might last in our rowdy chaotic one!!! (I keep my few good things well stashed for a safe time :-)

  5. The china is lovely! Your home must be so beautiful and peaceful.

  6. Loved the photos, Jeanne. I like getting glimpses of other blogfriends' lives. I also have a china collection, only mine in more hodgepodge. I am really drawn to the watercolor quality of your lovely pieces. And I'm envious of the afghan!

    You are in my thoughts every day.

  7. Hi Jeanne! I LOVE your granny rug - it looks so warm ans inviting spread across your sofa like that :) I left a comment on your colour coordinated reading material the other day...but I was doing it from a new computer and don't think it posted. Just know that you're in my thoughts lately, and your Dad too - hope you're doing OK.

    Mel xx

  8. Your granny rug adds a grogeous touch to a gorgeous room topped off with a gorgeous cushion...just gorgeous! xxx

  9. I love your china. Gorgeous.

    But yes, family is the most favourite. :)

  10. I love the cushion, throw, and china, everything...thanks for sharing

  11. Love your Grannie rug Jeanne. Looks so lovely and cosy! You're a very talented woman. And I love the scissors complete with tinkering bells... hehe, very cute indeed! :o)

    Sorry I haven't commented for a while but I haven't been in the blogosphere lately.

  12. The dishes are just beautiful, do you use them? What a cuddly blanket, I am sure it is so warm.

  13. Just lovely Jeanne. :)

    I'm sorry I've not visited your blog for a while. I've made sure I'm following you now so I'll always be up-to-date with your news.


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