15 Jul 2010

Reading in bed

So I guess it comes as no surprise to discover that I read in bed. Do you? In the evenings I do serious reading - my Bible Reading Plan mostly, or my Bookclub selection - but in the mornings I read frivolous stuff. Like magazines or craft books. Or travel guidebooks. Or Kateigaho magazine which is both - Japanese Arts and Culture in a glossy magazine. I love to just flick through the pages and dream a little whilst sipping on the EBT* that the tea fairy delivers by magic each morning to my bedside. It is nice.

Today when I went in to make my bed I noticed that the magazines on the bedcovers made quite a pretty pic and so I snapped it to share with you here. And here it is - my bed just as you would have seen it this morning. Untouched.

*EBT - English Breakfast Tea. Twinings please, weak black, no sugar.


  1. You mean, there are people who do not read in bed? Who knew?!

    I wish I could read in bed in the morning, but that only happens on Saturdays - on weekdays I'm out of bed before 6am to cook breakfast for my hubby. We have our tea together in the morning quiet, which makes up for the early hour! Twinings Earl Grey, loose leaf, with milk and sugar (and at the moment, iced is nice!), please.

  2. You know, I just can't wait to indulge in the simple pleasure of reading in bed again!
    Weak black tea in the morning ~ thumbs up.

  3. I usually go to bed an hour before I go to sleep and do my bible reading/study. I also go to bed to watch a DVD or read a novel. I am less likely to go to bed early in summer, as our lounge room is cooler in summer that the bedroom. I often take my evening cup of tea (Jasmine) and a square (or two) of chocolate:)

    On weekends I try and spend sometime reading in the mornings - otherwise I have very little time in the morning for anything that enjoyable.

  4. Love reading in bed, but since we all sleep in the one room and my kids are asleep by 8pm (before my bed time) it just dosen't happen. I cannot WAIT until we all have our own rooms, so I can put my lovely bedside lamp on and read! I love lamps! Reading in bed is an absolute luxury!

  5. I too love reading in bed. I know people who hate it and I just can't understand that. I love the comfort, the solitude and the tea.
    Still praying!

  6. Speaking of Tea I must go make some right now. You beat me to the award blog post over at Dove's Rest,I was just coming over to tell you that it was there! Glad you saw it. Blessings

  7. How funny--flip over to my blog and see what I posted just before I came here to see what you were up to! Love the sound of the Japanese magazine!

  8. Reading in bed is not a luxury at all - it is an absolute necessity!

    I need to read my frivolous stuff at night, though, and my serious stuff in the morning. Otherwise I stay up all night thinking about what I have read. In the morning however, a thought provoking read gives me something to ponder throughout my day.

    Jeanne, there is something special about books and rumpled sheets and comfy pillows that is too inviting to ignore.

  9. It's amazing how many people read in bed. My hubby and I read together in bed when the children are fast asleep and we have the time at the end of the day. Like you, we also read the Bible with a reading plan, and then will read a chapter of a novel as well. Your magazine is beautifully colourful!


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