6 Aug 2010

Things we've been doing

Good morning, Girlies!

Sorry for making you all cry yesterday - that wasn't my intention, truly.

There've been plenty of tears over here too in the past few weeks, but life goes on, and there have been plenty of happy times as well- all the more precious because they're the last times we'll ever spend with my much loved Dad.

Here's some of the nice stuff we've been doing in the last week or two:
  • Gaining comfort from the Psalms
  • Knitting (you'll need to wait and see what)

  • Making Potato People
  • Playing Lego and Uno
  • Comforting visitors
  • Working on Grannie
  • Eating cheese
  • Drinking tea. And coffee. And champagne. And Drambuie.
  • Reading this
  • Making cards
  • Catching up with cousins
  • Finishing my second cushion (no buttons yet, you'll notice)

  • Doing an incy-wincy bit of school
  • Laughing and reminiscing
  • Drooling over this
  • Answering the telephone
  • Renewing acquaintances with old family friends
  • Playing dress-ups
  • Having brekky in bed

  • Eating icecream direct from the punnet
  • Searching for thistles
  • Holding hands
  • Listening to this
  • Celebrating a birthday - not mine

  • Cackling over this
  • Laughing over old photographs
  • Hugging each other
  • Being a family


  1. Life is always an odd mix, isn't it. Sadness & laughter all mixed up together. Blessings, my friend. ♥

  2. It sounds like lovely therapy as a family. What a gorgeous cake!! and I love eating breakfast in bed:)

  3. I was just considering the whole mix (as Ganeida calls it).

    Noticed the book in front of the cushions...

    xo like crazy


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