30 Aug 2010

The Very Big Bang


On Friday our computer exploded with a very big bang and a mighty smelly billow of smoke and it is no more. It gave Jemimah and me a terrible fright, and made my Beloved fairly grumpy.

I want you to know that life is not very peaceful in our Peaceful Home without our computer. MEP maths done on the little laptop screen is not fun, and we do not like singing folksongs without our backing band. Our iPod lies silent and desolate. School today took a very, very long time.

I do not like not being able to upload the photos from this weekend to show to you all. Jemimah's Dance Concert photos are beautiful, and I want you all to ooh and ah over the no-knead bread that I've baked. I have even mastered the Ripple. Finally. Maybe that has something to do with less time spent on the computer, but if so, you did not hear that from me. There is nothing good to come from this state of affairs. Nothing at all. Big Bangs are never, ever good news, y'hear? Never!

Shall I go on? I have no email. I have no Facebook. I have no Twitter. I cannot read your blogs, and I should not really be writing my own whilst I am being paid to do other more meaningful (to some) worky type things. I feel bereft of all human comfort and support.

I know that I lived a full and fulfilling life before I was connected to cyberspace. I am sure that I was even happy for some of that time, but that was all a very long time ago. So long, that I can't really remember it.

And now I am not happy, Jan.

Not happy at all.

The photo above is of some scones that Jemimah made at Christmas time. I do not know why it is on my work computer, but it is, and I think it brightens up this particularly dismal post just a tad. There is a particularly nice photo of my darling Mum and Dad as well, which makes me a little bit happy. Well, it makes me smile at any rate.

Nothing makes me happy today.


  1. So pleased you posted despite the big explosion! This is major. Do you need a Therapist? Call me!!! :-)
    On the upside the scones look delicious, likewise the bread and the Dance concert pics will be something for us poor readers to anticipate.
    Hope you are up and running again soon. Watch out now. Don't want the boss to catch you blogging!

  2. And my keyboard is dysfunctional! When you're as garralous as I am that is a major disaster! Hpo you are back in the land of the blogging soon.

  3. Oh dear, this is no good at all! Does this mean I might need to pick up the phone to communicate with you...where is that thing?

    I hope you haven't lost stuff from your hard drive...oh no!

    We love you, Jeanne we do.

  4. You know the saying, "I feel your pain"? Well, I definitely do! We went camping this weekend, when I voluntarily left behind all electronics (okay, it was actually involuntary because I was told there was no service- which it turned out that yes, there indeed was service) and although it was nice to have a bit of a break, I fell asleep with the faint sound of my email delivering a message to me...
    Sorry to hear about the computer. Hope that the information and photos are retrievable.

  5. So I guess those scones are all gone then?

  6. I truly empathize. But oh the fun you will have setting up a nice shiny new computer!

  7. Praying for you Jeanne! Love you lot's!

  8. Jemimah is a scone wizz, Richele. She'll make you some hot ones when you arrive :)

  9. Oh, too funny!

    I thought I had it tough leaving all my technology (and hence my invisible buddies, and my only source of news) behind when we hit the (internet free) country with the election still up in the air.

    At least I knew I was coming home to functioning invisible friends. :P

    Hang in there, girl. This is a character building experience, or.. um... endurance is an enviable quality and worthy of cultivating, or... hold it... hold it...(straining hard to put a positive spin on it for you, darl,)....

    Got it!

    Think of the suspense you can build. We will be waiting for you to come back with a, ah, bang. ;)

    Mrs BB x

  10. so sorry to hear that Jeanne:( and yes the pic of the scones did brighten up this sad post:)
    btw, can I be a little selfish and ask about your "no knead bread recipe" if I may? pretty please....when you're back in techno world that is as I wouldn't want you getting into trouble at work on account of me:)

  11. I would also be lost without my computer - it links me to all my wonderful friends. Can it be fixed, I do hope so. Thinking of you at this time:)

    I am also interested in a no-knead bread - sounds interesting (as I am hopeless at kneading).


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