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Happy Reformation Day!

Posted by Jeanne

Does your church celebrate Reformation Sunday?

Why or why not?


Do tell!!


Ganeida said...

Not belonging to a *reformed* church ~ no we don't. Quakers wouldn't anyhow. They tend to avoid overt displays of anything, including Christmas & Easter for many [though not all]. I'm not very typical. ☺ As we home church our emphasis is on Christlikeness rather than the dogma/theology of any particular denomination.

Jeanne said...

Surely you just need to be Protestant, not Reformed!

nebby3 said...

Our church isn't doing anything this year though in the past we have. We will be going to a psalm-sing at the church that planted ours. They have done different things in the past--skits, games like pin the theses on the door, and my favorite Zwingli, Zwingli, Luther (think duck, duck, goose). This year it is simpler; I think becaise it falls on a Sabbath.

Ruby said...

Aware that it is the anniversary of Luther's stand but no, don't mark it in any special way. I am very thankful to God for raising up such men and for the Reformation in general.

joyfulmum said...

Happy Reformation Day Jeanne!
No, we don't celebrate it at our church.

Ganeida said...

Quakerism has very little in common with most protestant denominations, so I'm not sure I get your point, Jeanne.

Jeanne said...

Perhaps I just need to learn more about your church, Ganeida...sorry if I hurt you, dear one - just wanting to understand.

Ganeida said...

Not hurt, just confused & trying to get a handle. The Quakers evolved sort of separately like the Amish & Mennonites ~ with which they have quite a bit in common ~ the most significiant of which is probably the Peace Testimony & Plain Dress. The Puritains actually had a persecution thing for the New World Quakers ~ who had also left England because of persecution. Ironic really. ☺

nebby3 said...

I'd like to add to my previous comment--I said how but I didn't answer why. After the fact, I blogged about the why here:

Suzzie said...

In agreement with Ganeida
How on earth can you call yourself Christian and be so intolerant of somebody else's Christian Belief because it is not yours - how un-Christan can you get????

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