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Phillipians 4:4-8

For with Thee is the fountain of life; in Thy light shall we see light. Psalm 36:9

Play Again

Posted by Jeanne

Looks interesting, don't you think? Learn more about the doco here.


Ruby said...

Very interesting and scary, too. To think that in one or two generations we can become so disconnected from nature and the beautiful world God has set us in. But, alas, a fallen world. The call of the screen is strong....I see it in my children, but scarier still, I see it in myself...yikes! I want to Play Again!

Jo Princess Warrior said...

I think that looks very interesting. I agree with Ruby - I see the call of the screen in my life too! Might be the wake up call I need.

Rowana said...

Awesome post! I heartily agree!

J's mom said...

Okay, I am getting off this computer RIGHT NOW!!!! lol

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