4 Oct 2010


Everybody's Rippling.

Well, I am, and Cee is, and so's Pip. And so what about you - are you rippling along with us? Do you want to? You can get the pattern from Lucy if you do.

It's fun, rippling is.

Very fun indeed.

(Don't you like the way my rug matches my cup?)

Oh, I finally finished Grannie over the weekend. The final ends are tied in, and she is looking simply spiffing, she is. I will take some photos to show you very shortly.

If you'd like to have a geek, that is.

Would you?


  1. The rippling looks gorgeous and your colour co-ordination is impeccable, as usual!
    I like today's Theological Minute as well. :-)

  2. Look's amazing! I am not very handy like that but I have always wanted to give it a try. Maybe my daughter and I will have to learn together.

  3. Now, that looks like a lot of fun!!
    I'll have a go, but I'm more into knitting than crochet.

    I love the colours you've used. :)

  4. I'm sorry but you didn't even mention what that was on your plate next to your cup (and I don't mean the fork)!

    I have never met anyone with as much self-control around chocolate as you - unless you'd already had one piece before taking the picture that is.

    I'm not in on the jargon but your rippling is lovely. The colors are what I'm seeing out m window this morning. Last of the flopping flowers, lots of leaves, pokeberries and asters. Fall has completely elbowed its way in.

    Now do be so kind as to tell me if that was your go at "Praga" or your leftover birthday cake. Ours was decorated with soldiers on Friday and made it through breakfast on Sunday due to strict rationing by the birthday boy's mother.

  5. Nearly every couch in the neighborhood when I was growing up featured one of these afghans on the back!

  6. rippling rapture :)

    it does look simple enough... where did I pack the crochet hooks?

  7. It looks gorgeous Jeanne! Bravo! xxx

  8. What a gorgeous blanket - I'm trying to get past my first row of crocheting.

  9. Oh I found it!! ....finally... and doesn't she look gorgeous.

    I love your colours, it looks very 'you' Jeanne. Can't wait to see her complete. The pink and purple highlights through are very pretty. Are you using up scraps or have you found a new selection of wool you are admiring as you enjoy colouring each ripple.

    See you again

  10. Cee, I started using up scraps, but realised quite quickly that I only had boring colours left, so I have added in some stripes of bright red and blue and green. I'm over half way now, and she's looking pretty good.

    Nice to hear from the new Mumma! How are you?

  11. I am well Jeanne altho very sleep deprived a month on. It gets to you by this stage I think. The first few weeks have passed, other things get back into order yet I am still working on roughly a four-hourly cycle with my baby of eating and sleeping regularly - or often missing that sleep she's getting ;)

    Enjoy your week!

    Thanks for the linky love also!


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