18 Nov 2010

Grannie crochet footstool

It is wonderful being on holidays. Already we've had time to visit the Strawberry Fair, go swimming, have friends to dinner, gather great bunches of spring roses, read lots of frivolous books, cook up a storm, and sleep.

I've also spent quite a bit of time chocheting. But not on Ripple. I've had to order more wool for her. I've been working on this:

It's a cover for a footstool.


I've had the stool forever. It is upholstered in a pretty needlepoint cover, but in orange which is bad, and the piping has frayed and it was time for an update. Only for as long as we've been in our peaceful home - coming up nine years now - I've had no idea what to recover it in.

Until Deb posted this.

It was a great project to work - only a weekend's worth of hooky, really. I used up scraps of Noro Silk Garden from Grannie and Ripple, crocheting two strands of yarn together on a 4.5mm hook, and formed the corners using Deb's directions by omitting the three extra triple crochets in the four corner spaces. (Three triple crochets and one single right round.) Deb also recommended omitting the singles in the last row to bring it in at the bottom edge. This forms a nice snug edge to keep the cover on the stool.

It was great fun to make. It grew incredibly quickly, and would make a fantastic handwork project for kids. As long as you have a spare footstool with a frayed cover hanging around somewhere like I did.

I like it.


  1. Jeanne,
    That is simply beautiful! You really are a woman of many talents. My daughter is learning to crochet, and maybe she could learn to make this, too. Wow. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely handiwork.

  2. Jeanne,
    Your stool looks beautiful--great job! Thanks for letting me know,

  3. Deeply, deeply, cute!

    I would never have thought of it, and what's more, if you'd suggested it, I may have snickered. But having seen the final product - I think it's pretty. :D

  4. Hi! I followed the link on your comment on Homespun Living's blog about the rectangle footstool cover. I am making one now. :-) The colors of your cover are just beautiful! Really lovely blog you have as well - thanks for the link sharing your work!


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