29 Nov 2010

Totally Awesome!

Would you look at that flexibility...wow!

If you have time to pray for us today we would appreciate it. You may recall the terrible floods that hit our small township back in September. Well, we are again under threat today. The river level is expected to peak sometime this afternoon, and while we are not expecting levels as high as last time, all the water catchments are full to overflowing already, and we are preparing for the significant possibility that we may be underwater again by tonight.

  • Please pray that the river might be contained within its banks.
  • Give thanks for the tireless work of the CFA and SES volunteers as they fill and distribute sand bags.
  • Pray that people might be able to remain in their homes.
  • Praise God that the although the rains and rivers are not under our control, they are still under His control.
  • Pray that He might be glorified.

Sigh - what a weekend...what a year!


  1. Yes I will pray. You have had quite the year Jeanne - among many things you have experienced loss in numerous ways and I pray for God to sustain you and your family though it. I know he will.


  2. What was it Paul said? We remember you always in our prayers ~ & so we do. ♥

  3. Praying, Jeanne. Keep us posted.

  4. I'll be praying, dear Jeanne! Keep us posted.

  5. am praying not into the ballet copy amazing yes but lacking grace and emotion great picture book 'christmas at ivy cottage' lovely message obout giving and caring for others as children got older we just read the gospels but a great read aloud would be good to (any out there?) and wombat divine our all time favorite!!!

  6. Praying that you'll all be safe.


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