22 Dec 2010

Alice for iPad

So I'm thinking - Maybe I do want an iPad for Christmas after all. Santa, are you listening? Hello?


  1. I am very sorry but my workshop is already closed for business and all the mail has been cleared. (Ipads are a little out of my price range anyhow) Please partition your husband or some other person who might not yet have purchased a gift for you at this late stage, my dear.
    S. Claus

  2. Dear Ru...um Santa,

    Do you really want me to partition my husband? That sounds a bit cruel don't you think? Should I partition his head first, or start at the knees?

  3. Beg pardon Ms Jeanne! You could petition him for the aforementioned item and then begin to partition him if he fails to deliver! Nah....scrub that ...it is not in good spirit, is it, m'am.
    BTW did you address me as Rum Santa?

  4. Rum? Nah, we're Whisky drinkers here, Santa. It't the Scots blood. Don't you remember - you drink a glass of it and munch through a half dozen shortbreads every Christmas Eve. Remember?

  5. Remember?...Apparently I am so sloshed by the time I get to your place I will drink anything!! Whisky indeed...ho, ho, ho.....
    Aha, my spies tell me you have been eating reindeer. Argh...nasty business, nasty indeed!

  6. he he he:) or is that ho ho ho:)

  7. I do like that it's in color...
    but too big, and too spendy, otherwise... maybe I'd have an ipad plus a kindle by now!


  8. @Santa, please be careful driving that sleigh, perhaps you'd better have one of your elves as designated driver!

    @Jeanne and Ruby(?)
    You are the silliest sillies. LOVE it. ;)

  9. This was funny. Thanks for the laugh. Incidentally, my uncle sent us a family gift for Christmas. Called the BLiPcolor by Bottom Line Publications. Not sure how much it cost. Never heard of it before. But it is in color. I've already downloaded some lovely picture books. Gonna have to look up alice now.

  10. I'm laughing at S.Claus's comments. :)

    And that iPad does look pretty amazing. My husband wants one, but since he's santa & he's really really frugal, it won't be happening this year.

  11. Here's another glimpse of an app with a pop up book -

    It's very cute, I can see that, but will it touch kids' hearts the way great literature does?

    Enough seriosity - back to grog and giggling!

  12. This explains a lot - especially if Santa is routed through Russia after Australia.

    We played with iPads at an Apple store a few months ago. They still seems more of a toy than a tool to me.


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