22 Dec 2010

A Pop-Up Christmas Carol

You know I love pop-up-books. And it goes without saying that I adore Christmas, so you won't be at all surprised that this is my new favourite book, right?

It's a classic, unabridged, beautiful copy of Dicken's A Christmas Carol, and Jemimah and I spent a good deal of time enjoying each and every page last night. Chuck Fischer's paintings are to die for, and paper engineer, Bruce Foster's intricate creations are incredibly clever. Each page is more beautiful than the last.

A Christmas Carol: A Pop-Up Book by Charles Dickens and Chuck Fischer is one of the books that I know I'll reach for first when the Basket of Delights is opened each year. It's a new classic. You'll love it. Well, as long as your kids aren't toddlers, you will.


  1. looks lovely. But I may have to wait a few years to acquire that one :)

  2. {Oh I didn't mention before but we stopped in your Peaceful Town on the way to our holiday destination, it was very sleepy at the time - about 10 on a Sunday morning - but it seems a lovely town :) }

  3. Paper engineer - cool job.

    We used to call "lift the flap" books "rip the flap" at our book stand.

  4. Very nice...it's on my Amazon wish list now for next year ~ thanks Jeanne! xxx

  5. Oh my, how did you know I love Dickens? I must have it. Thanks so much for the review of this beautiful book!


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