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Country Living

Posted by Jeanne

  • Remember when there really was service at the Service Station - when they filled your car for you, and then cleaned the windscreen while you signed the account? Ours still does.
  • Country drivers still wave to each other as they pass. I like that. They leave their hands on the wheel and just raise their fingers. Gets too tiring otherwise.
  • Everybody greets you by name in the High Street and asks how you are. They really want to know as well.
  • They home deliver if you're stuck. They'll even deliver to your friend's home if you can't do it yourself.
  • They still pack your groceries and carry them to the car for you. Even when you're parked a block away.
  • You never need to park a block away.
Nice, isn't it?


joyfulmum said...

Are you trying to make us city dwellers turn green?:)

Sarah said...

We get the same treatment here and we give it also in our coastal villiage. It is nice! xxx

Clara said...

We have some drivers wave here, but I would LOVE to have more of this kind of country friendliness you describe here. It's wonderful to know there are still places like that. I am very curious as to where you live? (Even a vague idea of what area of Australia if you don't like mentioning exactly where?)

Jeanne said...

Clara, We're in Central Victoria.

Melanie said...

Mmmm love country life. Yours sounds ideal. :)

Sarah said...

Parts of rural US are like that. I smiled when you mentioned the waving. My old school bus driver used to do that as he drove our bus along in the afternoons.

Amy said...


One of my favourite parts of travelling around Oz, is the friendliness you discover on the roads as you head out of town. When you get close to a town, people stop waving again! And the discovery of a SERVICE Station - they are like little treasures.

Ganeida said...

Yep ~ well not the servo but the shop will ring a taxie for you, people always wave, you'll get a lift if you're seen walking...just the usual... ☺

alecat said...

Our 'town' is now definitely a bigger suburb now, and I'm noticing the 'niceties' are disappearing. I guess all you can do is teach your children by your example how to share this friendliness.

Mrs Adept said...

Makes the country sound so inviting. :o)

When on the road - we get so many waves by other travelers.

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