10 Dec 2010

A word of warning

You probably know by now that we lurve Christmas traditions around here. December in our home follows the same track each year with only a very rare derailment. Which is wonderful, but comes with an obvious caveat:
Never do anything this year that you're not willing to continue forever and ever and ever. And ever.
Our work Christmas Party is a case in point. It's tonight. Five or six years ago I volunteered to host it at our Peaceful Home, and six years later...you guessed it...it's still here. So this'll be a quick post, coz I'm rather busy.

I need to remember to bake the Pumpkin Gratin with Walnuts and Sour Cream for our Finance Officer. It's the only time she and her daughters eat pumpkin all year, and she loves it. Another staff member would kill if I forgot the Garlic Prawns grilled with Lashings of Chilli. I love the Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce. Apparently it just wouldn't be Christmas without the Cheese and Spinach Dip and the Antipasto platter. Then I mustn't forget the Spiced Macadamias. They're our Admin Assistant's favourite. Imagine if one year I omitted the shortbread? Anarchy would prevail. Each year we must have bonbons and Kris Kringle gifts and Christmas music. And lots of chocolate. And champagne. But not too much. One must keep oneself nice at a work function, y'know.

I've managed to keep some things under control. Each year we have a different Christmas themed dessert. Plum Pudd with Brandy Sauce and lashings of Cream this year and big bowls of raspberries. We're barbequing steaks in a festive ginger marinade. That entered the tradition last year and will make its second appearance tonight. We'll bake potatoes in their jackets in the coals, and eat them with the pumpkin and the asparagus and some guacamole and a green salad. Sounds nice eh? I've thought carefully about their potential for creating a new tradition, and I think I can cope if they enter the realms of the unchangeable for ever and ever and ever.

And now I need to go cook. That's the other thing that never changes - by the time my guests arrive I'm ready to creep off to bed. That's become a tradition as well.

Ho Ho Ho


  1. That is why I don't entertain ~ but we all know I'm no foodie. Besides our tradition says that Star I are are not home all December & I get to twiddle my thumbs while the child practises singing like a canary for a handful of concerts. Never mind. I have tickets! I love having tickets!

  2. Oh Jeanne, there is no way in the WORLD you could entice me to swap places with you right now (not that you're asking, I note). I do not envy you one bit!
    I'll just cook some meatballs + veg for my little family I think.

    However I'd love to be a *guest* at the dinner, it sounds delightful! I'd promise to help with the dishes; that I can handle ;)

  3. Oh my, Jeanne, your menu is amazing. No wonder you're so tired by the time the guest arrive. I really do admire your willingness to do this. It would seem overwhelming to me. Do have fun in the midst of all the preparation!

  4. What?!? All this time I thought elves took care of everything in your peaceful home!

    I would have loved to have given you a hand in the kitchen today.

  5. ooh, I'm with Richele, I too would love to give a hand, but I can only say what a wonderful tradition, and it is certainly one to keep! The food sounds delish! Your Hollandaise Sauce is soooooo good! YOur guests are very blessed! xxx

  6. Can I come over for dinner tonight?:) Yesterday I wanted to be at Ganeida's place and today it's you!
    That would definitely tire me out too!
    I try to keep things simple when I entertain so I don't fall asleep while talking to my guests:)

  7. Good grief! And this is why I go to someone *else's* house on Christmas Eve for fun, food, and festivity. ha ha!

  8. WOW..that is quite the menu! Sounds amazing. I don't wish to switch places with you but I would love to come for a visit! lol

  9. "lashings of" is just so British! lol...... like "rashers of bacon"...quaint and nice!


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