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On the telly today

Posted by Jeanne

I'm watching Raintree County staring Elizabeth Taylor. She was so exquisitely beautiful in this film, wasn't she?

Note to self - must watch National Velvet again soon.


Ganeida said...

Jeanne, Jeanne; National Velvet, the book, was sooo much better than the movie, which Americanized & sanitized everything! Dear, dear. As for ET, lovely to look at but her glitter got rather tawdry, don't you think? Shirly Temple managed better & she was as lovely to look at ~ at least I think so. Fame is terribly cruel.

Jo said...

I will have to admit I have never watched a old Elizabeth Talyor movie in my life, perhaps I should.

Hopewell said...

How's this for "Small World"? My great uncle, artist Edwin Fulwider, grew up as best buds with Ross Lockridge--the author of Raintree County--in Bloomington!! I've read the book, read the bios of Ross and watched the movie. I can't say that I enjoyed the book or the movie, but my Great Uncle's painting of the Fire at the Opera House, is my all-time favorite of his work. Too bad my uncle owns it......

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