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Where's the Popper family?

Posted by Jeanne

Don't tell me they've made Mr Popper a bachelor!!

Like many before us, Jemimah and I really loved Mr Popper's Penguins by Richard & Florence Atwater. It was one of the first books she read by herself, and were really looking forward to seeing it brought to life in film. Having seen this trailer though, I'm somehow not too sure that we'll like it much at all.



Mel said...

We loved the book too! Such a gorgeous, fun story. I'm never sure what to expect when I see a movie based on a novel I loved. For instance, we didn't like Fantastic Mr Fox (the movie), although the book is one of our favourites. I was disappointed in Mao's Last Dancer as a film too. My hubby though is guarenteed to love Popper's Penguins just because he is a Jim Carey fan. My kids will love it too I'm sure! But we may wait for the DVD, seeing as it costs us over a $100 to take our lot to the movies these days! Just think of all the books I could buy with that! :)

rachaelnz said...

Mmm...I have actually never read it, but the reference to global warming puts me off right away! Why do they have to use kids' books and movies for propaganda these days? Jeanne, do they mention "the polar ice cap melting" in the book?

Jeanne said...

I wouldn't have thought so, Rachael. It was written back in 1938. Don't think they would have dreamed of such a thing back then! I hate propaganda aimed at children as well.

Ganeida said...

Well, I don't like Jim Carey & I don't know the book but it sort of looks like fun. Propaganda aside. I don't even believe in global warming. lol

Silvia said...

I got a copy of it at our good will store for 35 cents, beautiful hc edition, and I can´t wait to read it to the girls but I will. Although I saw it in somebody´s list for a 4 year old (along with Heidi), I said NO. That one is waiting a bit longer.
(I still remember the bad consequences of reading the 100 dresses too early). Such a difference when something is done at the right time.
We are still at Uncle Wiggly, Pooh and other jewels here :))

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

I'm a Jim Carey fan so we'll probably see the movie, but from the trailer, he doesn't seem to have the same goofy charm of Mr. Popper from the book. I do hope people who haven't read the book give it a try, because it's a good one. Both my kids loved it.

Chef Penny said...

Hmmm, a bit worried now. Logan loved the Fantastic Mr Fox book and is STILL talking about how badly they botched the book in the movie.

Maybe I'll wait for your review before I see it. Wink!

Queen of the Natives said...

Oh dear :( This looks to be very disappointing. Looks incredibly loosely based on the book - Mr Popper and penguins may be the only surviving elements.


musicalmary said...

Oh we adored the book! My first reaction is oh no they are butchering this lovely story, but actually it looks funny and I wouldn't expect a movie to come even close to the book!

Hopewell said...

Popper!! No Mrs.????? What the..... I have such "warm" [hehehe] memories of listening to this in the car with the kids to and fro Church and scouts one season. We all STILL love it!

Sarah said...

I suppose it looks like it could be cute and funny if one were to watch it as a stand-alone and not as a visual depiction of the book. I don't think the Jim Carey character looked at all like the character of Mr Popper himself.

And I thought the line about the polar icecaps was funny.

Rebecca said...

I'd never heard of the story until now. I'll take it as a recommendation to read the book one day!
Re: environmental 'propaganda' in kid's stories - what about all the Jeannie Baker and Graeme Base books? One could call that propaganda, but I think they're just fine.

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