10 Mar 2011

We're organising

Our Peaceful Home looks a little like this at the moment:

I'll be back when we've finished.

PS we are now the proud owners of not one, not two, not three, not four but five Expedit Bookcases. Does that make me the Expedit Queen or what?

There's a whole Flickr group of pretty Expedit bookcases. Ours aren't pretty, but they sure are practical.

I couldn't live without my books around me. Could you?


  1. Wow - imagine the amount of time it took to do that little video~!!

    Yes, I think you might have become the Expedit queen. :o)

  2. I would love an Expedit or three!! Organising can be so therapeutic, or is that an excuse to buy another Expedit?

  3. Oh My, very exciting. I think it's a season for everyone organising. Everyone seems to have the organising bug in one way or another, whether it's out of necessity or not. I hope all is coming together in your little slice of heaven on earth. Blessings,Renelle

  4. Yes, you should proudly wear that crown! I got lost in that Flickr group when we were putting ours together. The Expedit can look really good or reeeally bad, can't it?

    Can't wait to yours in all their literary adornment!

  5. I'm longing for bookshelves! Yours will look fabulous when full. And no, I can't imagine life without books!

  6. Fun video. Now to go all India Hicks and wrap the books in white paper or create multiple table scapes ala her late father David Hicks!

  7. Jeanne, that was perfect. Who said bookshelves were full of dusty old boring books? No indeed - they are full of life! :)

    I have been eyeing off those Expedit bookcases as well, to go into my new home library when we are done renovating. My husband doesn't find them as exciting as I do though! Hopefully I can talk him round!

    Have fun organising all your books in their new home! :)

  8. NO - I love my books around me. Whenever I walk into a home without books I feel as it something is missing. I have been surrounded by books all my life and my children now do the same.

    Love those shelves


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