5 Mar 2011

Totally excited

Hello Girlies! (and Nathan...do any other boys read my blog?)

Here is a post of totally happy randomness to match in with the totally perfect autumn day that I view outside my window. This is what is making me excited right now. Totally excited...

...Why is it, do you think, that I start talking like a sixteen year old girl whenever I open blogger? I don't think I ever say 'totally' anything in real life. Like, go figure. (Is that how you correctly grammatise an incorrect sentence like that?)

Anyhow, this beautiful morning I am totally excited...

...about this new book

I am definitely placing an order for this new journal by Jill Bliss. One for Jemimah to study some new art techniques, and probably one for me as well. Jemimah is not happy with her drawings currently - this should help!

...about seeing this tonight

We subscribed, as a family, to the 2011 season of the Australian Ballet before the floods hit, and their beautiful productions should go along way towards making an otherwise frugal year pretty special. We're seeing Madame Butterfly tonight, and I feel pretty sure that it will be difficult to dwell on our present difficulties when immersed in such loveliness as this. Totally excited about this.

...about eating lunch at this restaurant

Actually, it is not the place per se, although Tho Tho is rather good, but we're catching up with good friends whom we've not seen for far too long, and I'm totally excited about that. I'll be eating the Thịt bò nhúng dấm (Beef in Vinegar), as well as some of their legendary Spring Rolls, of course. That's getting me quite excited as well, just typing that.

...about finishing Ripple

Yep, Ripple is totally finished. On Tuesday night I sewed in the last pesky end and she's done. And she's big and beautiful, and I'm totally excited. Stay tuned for the big Reveal shortly. I'm totally excited about my new project as well, a knitted blanket that I'm making with Jemimah. I'm loving that.

...about the way Plutarch is going in our homeschool

Whodathunkit? Citizenship is Jemimah's favourite subject. She's researching things like Roman Triumphs on Google, narrating to Daddy at dinner, and just loving the whole book. I'm loving the way Anne White's Study Guides are working, and I'm also delighted with the Plutarch Study Books I put together for us both, but mostly I'm totally excited that Jemimah is totally excited. That's a pretty good feeling.

...about talking to you

I'm still hanging in here. Some days only just, but we're coping okay. Thanks for your ongoing messages of support - they're so appreciated. Our road to recovery is going to be long and tediously slow, but we're already on our way. We're currently working on getting hubby back to work. They're erecting portable buildings for him to work from on the school oval just across the road from our once-peaceful home, and we're anticipating his first day of work being the 28th March. Pray with us that that might come to fruition, will you? We joke that his work-place will be so close that he'll be able to roll out of bed at five-to-nine and still be on time. It will be good when he's back working again. Good for the budget, but also good for his self esteem. Ten weeks is a long time to be home with the girls.

Until he's back at work it will be difficult for me to post regularly. Hang in with me, will you? I will be back soon. I don't know how those of you with husbands at home manage to blog at all. For me it is almost impossible. (He's outside pruning the hedge right now.) I'm also not keeping up with your blogs. Sorry. I will be back there soon as well. Please let me know if anything exciting happens! I'd hate to miss out!

Anyhow, until then I'll close. So this what I'm totally excited about right now. It's a pretty good list, don't you think? My life might be radically different from what I've been accustomed to, but it is still pretty good.

What's going on with you, my friends? What has you totally excited right now? Do share.


  1. I'm totally excited that you've posted! I've missed you and have habitually looked with longing to my sidebar just hoping...

    Glad to hear there are some things over which to be excited, not merely struggling to be content where our loving and faithful Lord has you. In all things give thanks, my sweet! I've sometimes done so with teeth clenched and white knuckles bared...

    Enjoy the beef and ballet! :)

  2. Glad you are feeling excited and we do continue to pray for Stephen to return to work soon. SOunds like your weekend is going to be great. We are off to our main wharf to do some fishing, well Joshua anyhow, Grace and I will go to the bakery, browse around the newsagency and hopefully I will finish Jane Eyer, which I have TOTALLY and thoroughly enjoyed. Love to you all. xxx

  3. I ditto Laura Lou about your posting! You DO have a lot of *totally* exciting things going on right now. I know the dinner with old friends will be a delight, as will the ballet. Praying for you every day, friend. xo Ellen

  4. lol All you've missed at my place is me whinging about how many pounds of prawns the boys are bringing home [the cat's are so proud!]...& the bream...& the flathead...& the crabs. Yuk!!!! And I can't stand any of it. I am currently on the hunt for a new home. One far, far from the sea.

    Hang in there, duckie, while God swings the bucket. It's why He invented gravity ~ so you don't fall out. ☺ ♥ Oh, & My Dearest is home all the time. I put in earphones & plug in the music. He is happy 'cause he can talk to me all he likes & I'm happy 'cause I can't hear a thing. lol

  5. Um, that's me, the other me. Sorrow & all that.

  6. Beef & Ballet does have a certain ring to it. Good news about Plutarch as we'll be giving it a go next school year...
    and yes, husbands do seem to need work. Mine can't even stay in bed when he's ill. School (according to schedule) definitely isn't happening when he's around.

    I'm excited about going to bed early - I never thought I'd say that.

  7. Good to hear your line up of delicious happenings. :D

    The thing I was so TOTALLY excited about that I have told to anyone who will listen, happened yesterday. I accidentally found a book fair, while trying to find an add for the local "singles" club for a desperate friend. :P

    After dragging my mother (and the four chicklettes) along, and my mother eventually announcing that she had had enough and wanted to go in five minutes, and me finding already many things to be pleased about, I told them all that I would kiss, and buy a chocolate, to the first person to find me a P.C. Wren book.

    Low and behold, the eldest Chicklette right then and there put her hand to one, and it was one I hadn't read yet. I was deeply, gratefully, expressively excited; kissed that girl and bought her chocolate. The end. :D

    Mrs BB

  8. Wow, you *are* totally excited. That's great!

    I can see I've missed a lot. I have scanned through a few posts quickly and can guess that you've experienced a flood and other related crisis.

    We have internet at home now, so I'll be able to keep up and be a better friend.

    FYI, I stopped blogging and started again. My new blog is hispenonmyheart.blogspot.com. I hope to see you there once you are back to blogvisiting!

  9. Lovely to hear excitement in your 'voice' again Jeanne!
    We are so totally excited about finishing up year 1 and having a break (which I emailed you about). Though going by the dates you mentioned on your blog not sure if that's going to work out? would SO love to catch up with you if possible!

  10. Yes, excited about you being back. But also excited about my new software which is motivating me to revise my latest children's book! Digital lollipops.

  11. Some very exciting things happening in your world!

    I'm excited about joining a local bible study group - it's been six months since I've been part of one.

    I'm also excited about this lovely Autumn weather we're having - sunny and warm but mild enough to actually go outside.

    And I'm excited about my friend's wedding this weekend - DD will be her flowergirl :)

  12. I really liked the style of Jill Bliss and the book sounds excellent for any age.

    My excitement - a few things - one was attending my son's engagement party and getting to know Kathleen's family more (they are so nice) and seeing the change in him as he matures.

    Secondly - my bread-making has me excited as it is coming along so well. back in December I couldn't make bread, now I can whip up a loaf when ever I want. To me that is exciting. Tonight I made chives and garlic loaf to have with soup.


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