20 Apr 2011

The Ripper Ripple Rug Reveal

Okay, okay, so I like alliteration. Too much probably. It is rather silly, I know.

It is the excitement, you see. The fantastically fluttering feeling that I have when I get to show off my latest completed project, is creeping into my writing. Which is okay, I think. Silly, but okay.

Anyhow, to the task at hand, and without further ado, here she is in all her rippling goodness. Ripple. I started her back in October. You can read about that here. She was finished at the start of March. So Ripple will, of course, always remind me of the floods. Maybe she even kept me sane. We'll, not quite sane, but less crazy that I would otherwise be. She didn't even get wet. Strange that.

She is made out of Grannie scraps, is Ripple, only then I had to purchase a few balls of colour to stop her looking dully boring. Wabi sabi murky is good, but washed out leftover grey is not.

At 130cm wide by 195 cm long (just over 4' x 6') she is the perfect size for our bed, which is where she is living. You can find out details of the Noro wool I used here, and I used Lucy's pattern from here. Apart from that incredibly long foundation chain, she was quite easy, and rather therapeutic with all that ripply deliciousness. The first row almost brought me to tears though. I think I redid it three times before I managed to get it right. But you forget that agony. Eventually.

I'm currently working on a Grannie Stripe Cushion. Nice and small. I've had enough of rug sized projects for a while. Especially since Jemimah and I are halfway through a knitted blanket called Bennett. Bennett Blanket. I really like knitting, but it is so slow compared to crochet, and our project is so big. Fun, but slow. I'll show you these shortly.

But now, back to Ripple. Do tell me how wonderful she is. I am so modest, yes I am. But she is a ripper, isn't she?


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Great job.

  2. Hi Jeanne, I just LOVE your ripple blanket!! It is gorgeous! I am stockpiling some wool to start my own ripply snuggly blanket. I just have to finish off my other granny square blanket that has been on the go for so, so long. How many chains did you use in your foundation chain to make roughly 130cm width?
    Thinking of you all and hoping the rebuilding both emotionally and physically of your family and your home is continuing from the devastating floods....Jess

  3. It looks so warm and comforting. And especially lovely when enhanced by the reading Jemimah! Well done!

  4. Your lovely blanket looks beautiful. I do like those ripples when laid out on your bed. A similar blanket crocheted by my aunt over 20 years ago is only just starting to get a little hole here or there. Considering how many times my boys have used it for cubbie houses I think it is doing well. I hope yours brings your family enjoyment and pleasure for just as long.

    Best wishes
    Jen in NSW

  5. I love it! It looks so comfy. Well done, my friend.

  6. All those lovely ripply waves remind me of Rudyard Kipling's "Seal Lullaby." Jemimah is stunning wrapped in wabi sabi warmth.
    Bummed to not be able to read the titles on your bedside table.

  7. W-O-W!

    I didn't think I really was a fan of the ripple, but I've just been converted.


  8. Jeanne,

    Your ripple is absolutely Gorgeous! I love it. I love the way you have it on the bed. I posted a little bit of info about my ripple on my blog. Ahem...you reminded me by your comment the other day that my dogs peed on my yarn for my ripple. Just the WHITE yarn, sooooo....I put it away for awhile. But thank you for motivating me to get it back out. The yarn is soaking in the slop tub in the basement.

    Cindy Bee

  9. Wow, that is amazing, it must have got heavy as you neared the end of the project. Looks beautiful on your bed.

  10. Stunning! I'm super impressed. The pattern is gorgeous (colors are too!), but the long rows seem very, very intimidating to me. Congrats to you on your accomplishment and sticking with it. I know having a project during tough times is so helpful - I'm glad you had this one to work on....and it's finished! (And so are the tough times, I hope.)

  11. Jeanne, Ripple is beautiful! I just picked up some noro yarn today to start. Is your bed a QS? I notice you have the ripples going verticly on the bed - how many chain did you do for the width(or is it the length??)I did my sample with some other wool and thankfully it worked first time! I think I'll make this blanket for dd's hope chest. Well, that will give me SOME TIME anyway, lol!
    Joel xx

  12. Joel, I am in Melbourne this weekend. I'll count on my return home and let you know Monday. Hope that's okay.

  13. Jeanne, you are a darl - thank-you. But, I hope you read this before you go ahead and count! I've worked it out. I'm making one the same size as a QS doona cover which is 367 stitches. Had to pull out the first row, but on the second it worked! I'm so glad, because you know how it is when you just have to get that first row finished. I was negelectful of all else till it was conquered. Hope you had a nice weekend in Melb. :)


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