7 May 2011

I spy with my little eye

Attention all Aussie Ambleside Onliners:

Can you see what I see here in this pic from Pip's megablog, Meet Me At Mikes today?

Yes, it is truly - a copy of Mauel Komroff's Marco Polo hiding there in the background!! This book from the AO3 curriculum is really hard to find here in Oz, so if you're looking for it I'd be getting on to Pip right about now.

Does anybody else love Pip's blog as much as I do?

PS The book is terrific too. As well as being pretty.


  1. good on you for telling all the Aussie AO'ers! I already have another Marco Polo book I bought from an ex-Aussie AO'er so I'll let some one else have this one:)

  2. Love the picture...sooo cute! I just popped over to her blog and joined the book club...so excited to be reading Pride & Prejudice again! xxx


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