10 May 2011

Splendidly soporific stripes

I am a tired girl.

We are back into school. It's a delightful term, full of lovely literature and relevant history and fun songs and beautiful art and music. We're learning about James Cook and listening to Chopin and practicing our Latin and French and working on Bennett Blanket and having a perfectly lovely time. Jemimah is playing badminton and hockey, and we're off to see The Australian Ballet dance The Merry Widow.

It is also a difficult term. I'm working three days a week from 9-7pm. It's a hands-on, highly demanding job, that leaves little time to actually teach Jemimah, and requires an incredible amount of self motivation for a nine year old girl. Each morning we rise early to complete Bible and memory verses and recorder practice before we leave. Jemimah narrates at lunch time. After work we finish up MEP maths and do our readings - she to me and me to she. Something like that anyhow. In between she does things alone: maths, French, Latin, reading, apologetics and history. It's hard, and she doesn't like it much at all. We have a few hissy fits, but all in all she's doing great, and I'm really proud of her.

By the time it gets to night time, I'm tired.

And so I've been sitting by the fire and crocheting.


after stripe,

after stripe.

Very soon now my stripes will form a cushion. Something like this.

Soon after that things should get back to normal.

That will be very excellent.

But now I am off to bed. Stripes are soporific I think.

Satisfying but sleep inducing.

Satisfying soporific splendid stripes.

Just thought you might like to know what I'm up to.

What are you doing? I'd love to know that too. I'll read all about you in the morning. Now I'm off to bed.



  1. I am up to packing boxes and moving stuff...and I need more time for crocheting.

    Sleep tight!

    Cindy Bee

  2. Sorry that you have to work so hard and do term. Hopefully, it will end soon.. Yay to Jemimah for stepping up.

    I love the stripes. It is too hot here to crochet now but I will in the winter. Perhaps I'll hit you up for the directions for stripes.

  3. so when the cushion is finished you won't have to work so much? Hope so! 9-7 is a loooong day. Sounds like Jemimah's doing pretty well though. How is the new workplace going?

  4. Thanks for writing about what you're doing. I hope the tough times don't last too long, but am encouraged to read about how you're managing in the midst of a difficult season. Even the hissy fits, a sign of reality. Praying the coming weeks go smoothly ... the morning Bible time certainly is a great start to each day.

    We're trying to be more diligent, the kids and I, and have discovered a new reward system to get things around home done more peacefully and willingly. I'll write about it soon. It's come at the perfect time, when all I usually want to do is hibernate.

    The good attitude is overflowing into their 'school' time too, which is a relief. Helping transition them towards more consistent, responsible work habits. I'm finally happy with the programs I've chosen. Tweaking the timetable to suit us all and flow more naturally. We're enjoying reading and spelling, maths and writing, learning lots about Australian animals. The kids delight in telling Daddy what a monotreme is, which animals are nocturnal, their habitats and diets etc. I'm using narrations a lot to avoid overtaxing my beginning writers.

    Sorry, I just can't write a short response ... my letters (when letters were the norm) were always very long too. I have a feeling you don't mind. There's a lot happening here, though nothing spectacular or unusual, but I'll save it to write in my blog. Soon, I hope!!

  5. Gorgeous colors in your stripes. Seasons change, but I love that God's grace carries us through the different seasons of life. xxx

  6. working and home schooling is tough and this from some one who only works a few hours a week! hope your work days get shorter soon....

  7. Thanks for letting us know a bit more of what is happening in your life. Sympathy to you - those days are long!! Congratulations to Jemimah for doing her best.
    Do you know how long you will be working like that?
    Lovely colours in your stripes - enjoy.

  8. I love your stripes. I'm usually a knitting girl, but I do appreciate fine crochet work when I see it!

    Sounds like you're doing a great job handling all of the juggling. You inspire me!

  9. I love hearing about your schooling and what you are teaching, it sounds so wonderful, but I am sure it in volves a lot of hard work on your part.

    Have a wonderful weekend and perhaps a rest or to:)

  10. I'm still loving those stripes. I'm in awe of your schedule.

  11. I need to get my crochet needle out as well! I love the colors of your yarn! Would you mind sharing which yarn this is? Betty


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