6 Aug 2011

Home Alone 2

My plan to hit some of Melbourne's second-hand bookshops today was derailed by the inclement weather. Instead I indulged myself with a much coveted new copy of Axel Vervoordt's sublime design book, Wabi Inspirations.

The book guides the reader through Vervoordt's beautiful interiors in Belgium, Switzerland, Japan and Korea, all the while explaining the author's interpretation of that most elusive Japanese aesthetic known as wabi sabi - the beauty of wear and imperfection.

I've had a lovely afternoon flipping through the pages of my lovely new book, air fragrant with a lovely Jo Malone Sweet Lime and Cedar candle. I've nibbled on a Godiva truffle or three whilst listening to the Departures soundtrack and sipped a cup of Husk's Peppermint, lemongrass, rosebud and aniseed herbal tea whist listening to the rain on the tin roof. Quite the perfect afternoon.

From Yojiro Takata's Departures film comes my family's tradition of stone letters. Here's the scene if you'd care to take a look.

Tomorrow I'll be heading to Geelong for church and to see my family. What are you up to?


  1. Jeanne, I have never been left on my own in nearly 10 years and I think it would feel so strange to be alone for a week, but that I would really enjoy it. I quite like that minimalistic, natural look as long as there were aspects that made it fell warm and inviting. I love timber. Enjoy your beautiful books and your sweet little indulgences this week.

  2. . We had very bad weather today-grey, wet and cold, but I was silly enough to spend the morning out shopping and getting a bit damp. Tomorrow I am off to the Hyatt hotel (a very old and beautiful building in Canberra) to enjoy high tea with my son and his partner and her mother. I can't wait.

    Enjoy your time alone:)

  3. Jeanne, enjoy your week - don't get lonely, though. I think I would. For me it would be very strange indeed to have an entire week on my own; I dont know if I would like the silence or whether it would worry me!

    Like your pics - very encouraging. I think my house might be rather fashionable after all.... ;)
    Are you going to the Rotary Club bookfair at GW town Hall this month?
    Joel xx

  4. Tell me more, Joel - perhaps we could meet up for coffee? I'd like that.

  5. "A warm heavy bowl
    comfortable as an old friend -
    not fine, smooth china."

    Have missed you.

  6. have emailed you jeanne

  7. Joel, I don't have access to email in Melbourne. You could try private messaging me on Aussiehomeschoolers if you need me to answer this week.

  8. okey dokey, have messaged you on AHS :)


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